wilson combat

  1. Mg427

    SOLD Price Lowered - Wilson Combat CQB TACTICAL LE 45 ACP 5'' 8-RD

    Wilson Combat CQB TACTICAL LE 45 ACP 5'' 8-RD, mint used once. Case and three mags and paperworks. Its a shooter but also pretty and well built. See Test Target Price is $3000. inclusive of US shipping from my FFL to your FFL only. I accept PayPal F&F discreet or USPS money orders (No Zelle...
  2. Ak7

    SOLD Wilson Combat EDC X9 ***SOLD***

    Wilson Combat EDC X9 OD frame, adjustable rear sight and fiber front. Excellent shooting gun comes with all the original paperwork, Wilson bag, tier one appendix holster, Garrett IWB holster and 8 mags. 2 are 10s, 5 are 15s and 1 is an 18. 2100 shipped, insurance is on the buyer if they want it.
  3. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Wilson Combat Edc X9

    Selling my Wilson combat EDC X9, has black slide and od green frame, comes with all original paperwork, 2 10rnd mags, skull crush holster, and wilson bag. Gun shows signs of wear, probably has around 1000-1200 rounds through it. Shoots like a dream. Pm me for any questions. asking $2400 shipped
  4. Shifty17

    Dream AR Build.......Loading 98%

    This build has been a slow burn over the last almost 4 years, starting in late 2017. Has taken a lot of patience and a lot of foresight, two things that I have never been particularly good with. Going to give some context to the story behind this rifle before I dive into the build and the...
  5. T

    KAC SR-25 PC vs WC-10 Recon Tactical, 16" .308

    Hello, does anyone know the technical differences from Knight's 16" PC .308 to Wilson's 16" recon tactical. I am trying to decide on a complete upper for my next "AR". Knight's lists their barrel as Mid-weight Contour, 5R Cut. They do not mention what their Mid-weight material actually is...
  6. M

    Calling all 6.5 Creedmoor folks

    I am building a 6.5 creedmoor and need some barrel advice. the use of the gun may be abit of hunting both predators and Mule deer, and ringing steel occasionally out to 1k. I was thinking of either a 18 or 20 inch barrel from either Wilson Combat or McGowan. I will be using a AGB for the...
  7. whitehill

    Firearms WTS or WTT Scar 20s 7.62x51 $4000

    Nice condition. 20 rds fired. Trade for STI, SVI , Nighthawk, Wilson Combat. Not interested in other pistol brands. Would consider a nice 300 Norma Mag or a 375 Cheytac rifle. Open to 1 or more pistols in trade of equal value to rifle. Thanks
  8. S

    Advice on best AR-10s to get

    I’m looking to get a semi-auto AR-10 rifle (maybe 2) for the collection. Was thinking a 308 first and maybe a 6.5 Creedmoor as a second. Currently, I don’t have anything this size, and the biggest stuff I have is a KAC SR-15 16” (with another 11.5” upper that I switch out occasionally), my...
  9. Dvando20

    Firearms ISO: Heavy 223 Wylde barrel

    In search of a 22" or 24" threaded heavy barrel in 223 Wylde for an AR-15. Open to different brands as long as it will shoot sub-moa. The heavier the better.
  10. ChristianPratt22

    Aero Precision M5 Build Help! .308 Conv to 6.5CM

    Looking for some guidance on part selection and compatibility for my Aero M5 build! Current build is complete and functional, but I'm swapping calibers(barrel) from .308 to 6.5CM as I was gifted a new Wilson Combat Match Grade Super Sniper 20" Barrel. The gun will be suppressed in about a year...