1. Babo

    Suppressors Which would you carry: S&W M&P 40 or XDM 40? Why

    I've decided on carrying a S&W 40 caliber and am trying to decide between the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 or the Springfield XDm 40. They both have features I like as well as dislike and shoot about the same. What are your thoughts? Don't like the B(g)lock so it's not part of this discussion.
  2. captnmo

    Suppressors XDm Conceal holster?

    Anyone carry a Springfield XDm for a CCW and find what holster works? I've got a cheap IWB that works but not very comfortable for long term. I've been to a few stores and not many seem to know if there's any holsters specifically for the XDm though it seems one shaped for a Sig P229 fits best.
  3. Gilly

    Suppressors Springfield XDm

    I wanted some opinions on the XDm 40 from springfield. Really like the look of the gun like the ballistics of the 40 s&w caliber. just not sure on the gun as it is polymer. I have read many threads on here and elswhere and what I have found is not much but mixed, most is on the on the XD model...
  4. T

    Suppressors Springfield XDM 9mm

    Anyone own or have first hand information on Springfield's XDM 9mm? I looked at one this past weekend. Other than them having a very nice feel I know nothing about there performance.
  5. Tacstick

    Suppressors Springfield XDm

    Looking for some feed back on anyone using the Springfield Armory XDm.