1. Bigwheels

    Made some hits @ 2000 yds.

    I had 10 rnds left to try some long shots yesterday, & decided to try 2000 yds. It took the first 5 to get close, & the last five I went 2 about 3 ft in front of the target, 2 hits, & missed by an inch. I was all alone. I wish I had a spotter with me, I may have been able to get more rnds on the...
  2. N2rockets

    Twist Rate for 100-1000 yds. Muzzle Crown?

    Hi guys I am interested in putting together a Remmy 700 .308 with a McMillian A4 stock. I shoot between 100 and 1000 yards most commonly. I am wondering what twist rate is best for those ranges. I know you can get 1-12, 1-11.25, 1-10 and stuff, I dont know what each is best for though. I don't...
  3. hueys66

    260 out to a 1000 yds?

    How about an accurate recipe for the 260 out to a 1000yds?
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes Scope conversion from MOA at 100 Meters to 100 yds

    If a scopes adjustment is .5 MOA per 100 meters how do you compute that if all your shooting is done in yards? Did it just add another step to all your calculations?
  5. jroberts

    Range Report .375 cheytac 3k yds

    i know of a group of guys who are building a rifle for a 3000yd attempt on a prairie dog this fall....now before u guys say thats impossible keep in mind this rifle isnt going to b tactical at all...its suppose to weigh something like 50 lbs and ride on some sort of rail rest....but what i want...
  6. H

    22 LR dope to 300 yds - Wolf ME shooting data

    This is an old post of mine from 2009 that I thought my have some interesting info in it.... NEW NOTE: added Feb. 6, 2019: This is the "old" Wolf Match Extra, made by SK, velocity was average 1058 fps @ 60 deg. F. NOTE: Edited to add: My dope is actually in "Inches at 100 yards" instead of...
  7. H

    AI-AE @ 300 yds report

    Every once in a while I post some range results from AI rifle. I am not bragging just posting my results so people can see what a great rifle the AE's are. The topic always comes up again and again if they are accurate. Well, here is the proof. This was not a fluke and yes it shoots like...
  8. Bigwheels

    Tried 1985 yds today.

    Well I gave it a few shots @ 1985 yds today. Had a great day to shoot. Almost no wind slightly cloudy, temps in the low to mid 50's. But my spotter couldn't see the trace.(complete newbie) So I fired 10 rnds coaching him , trying to get him to see the trace, but no joy. I did realise later that...
  9. dar1246

    Advanced Marksmanship Shot group at 600 yds

    260 142smks 16 shots. From a cold bore shot dailing in the scope to adjusting for a 12 mph crosswind. I will post a 730 yd shot this week. If I get home in time to shoot. This is with the adjustments of elvation and windage shots.