Feb 14, 2022
Green River, WY
I've got an ARC Archimedes and Grayboe Ridgeback with Grayboe M5 Bottom Metal that I'd like to sell or trade.

ARC Archimedes is a long action 0.473 bolt face with 30 MOA rail. Purchased new in February and currently has 50 rounds on it.

Ridgeback stock in Woodland Camo and Grayboe M5 DBM Bottom Metal, fits 3.715 mags. Both were purchased new in 2020 but have only been used for this action.

I haven't taken the gun apart yet and I want to clarify that I'm not selling anything else you might see in the photos. Only the action, stock, and bottom metal are for sale with no accessories.

$1000 plus shipping for the ARC
$750 plus shipping for the Ridgeback and Bottom Metal

Currently I'm looking to trade my Archimedes and Grayboe for a short action Archimedes, Gen 2 Nucleus, or Bighorn Origin in either standard or magnum bolt face and a stock or chassis to go along with, just so long as the trade values are somewhat comparable. Also open to other actions and even trading up with cash on my end, the three mentioned are just my first choice at the moment.


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