Calling all F Class shooters


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I have been asked to serve on the newly formed FCAC (F Class Advisory Committee) for the Dominion of Canada Rifle Assoc. (DCRA) The committee's mandate is to help advise the DCRA in F Class matters, and to help promote F class protion of the DCRA programs.
This year, the DCRA is working hard to try and attract F Class shooters to the national matches held at Connaught Ranges in Ottawa this August. More details can be found at the link below, but in a nutshell, the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships offers 9 days of shooting at a world class facility w/ fantastic administration, top notch range staff, and paid markers.
This year F/O and F/TR will be made availible using ICFRA classifications, as well as the Canadian F/F class. F class shooters will be squadded seperatly, and a 1/2 diameter x ring will be used.

This annual event is a truely wonderful shooting immersion experience. Please feel free to drop me a line w/ any quetions.