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KRG Bravo Pic Thread


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Jan 21, 2012
That is wild! Could you explain or link a video on how you do this!

I thought so too when I saw a stock done that way. A guy on another forum got the idea from his wife that does "Crafting", and was making some wood grain drink tumblers.
Just search "Wood Grain Tumblers" on YouTube, and you will see a bunch of video's on how to do it. I practiced on a couple of throw away takeoff stocks that I had laying around. It takes some practice to get the colors to look right. I didn't like using a "Chip" brush, and switched to a higher quality paint brush along with buying a cheap set of makeup brushes. You can make some neat looking wood grain and fancy figured looking designs with some practice.
The good thing is if you screw up, just pour some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, and wipe everything off, and start over. When you get it done, just spray several coats of clear paint over it. I used a matte clear on mine.