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Maggie’s Man's Best Friend Thread


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Jun 14, 2018
The unconditional bond humans and dogs share is one of the more rewarding relationships we may experience in our lives. The truly unconditional love they bring is difficult to accurately express or describe and their passing reinforces their contribution to our quality of life.

They are most certainly worthy and deserving of our recognition and respect.

Please share your "Best Friend" experiences, photos, and memories with us here on The Hide.

This is Riley in April of 2007 who was our first "child" and with us for 15 years 7 months. It's been 9 years since he passed and his memories still warm our hearts. He truly taught us how living and sharing life unconditionally with a dog is an invaluable experience.

This is my youngest daughter with our first Golden Layla. She was the canine guardian for all 3 of my kids. She absolutely had to be outside where she could watch the kids when they were playing. She died 12 years ago and my youngest daughter wears a pendant with her ashes inside of it to this day.

Great thread, I was thinking about starting one when I saw it.

This is also Riley. She was the gentlest spoiled rotten Rottweiler. Caught a deer and dragged it into the spa in her younger "guard dog" days.

Loved riding in the car, always picked up a toy (or anything she could find) to show you when you came home. She would parade around with the smallest Christmas ornament carefully in her mouth, making sure you noticed and wagging her stub. Her favorite thing was to collect pine cones, puck just the right one and bring in the house to show off.

She left us about a year and a half ago. Something in my eye now...


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He was cute, but when he wasn't being cute he was shitting... or running at you with his puppy razor fangs ready to dig into your friggin ankles... so glad he's not a pup anymore... Life isn't complete without dog hair. everywhere.
friggin little.JPG
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Axis on the left, Carissa on the right. This was taken not long before kidney failure overtook Carissa at age 12. Axis lasted 2 more years, which is amazing for a large Golden. They climbed many mountains with us. Here they are on top of Sugarloaf Mountain on a mellow winter day:


We got these two as pups with the intent to breed them. They had two litters, each with 11 puppies. These two were awesome and we miss them very much.

Nothing much more fun that a house full of puppies:


This is right after Axis gave this little guy a bath:


11 puppies is a handfull:


Dinner time:


We're at full nipple utilization, Captain! When do I get my turn?


Just sleep wherever you find a pillow:


Eat, sleep, poop, that's what puppies do:


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11 puppies is such a load on mom to keep up, a local breeder gave us some protein supplement to help jump start the little guys. The 72 hours following birth was non-stop feeding Carissa, keeping her hydrated, taking the puppies away so she could nap, then right back on the nipple. I think those were the longest blocks I've ever had without sleep, but we got super healthy puppies, so it's worth the effort.






A puppy can and will sleep anywhere, anytime:


A few weeks later:


What if I don't want to eat that shit? Where's mom?




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This was my early 30th birthday present. Been wanting a dog for some time now, so she found a rescue that had some lab-Ish pups (he’s part lab, border collie, and apparently pit) and went to meet them and this little monster followed me home.

Whiskey. Save for a bout of food aggression which I am diligently trying to break, he’s smart and goofy. They told me he would top at 30-50 pounds...ha. If he isn’t 80 I’ll be shocked


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Are you sure you didn't get your pup from the same rescue as we did?

Cherry was supposed to be Border Collie/ Lab cross. She had too much facial hair for that to be true.

A litter mate had a DNA test done and it confirmed our suspicions along with some info passed along by One arm Joe.
A bit of pit from mom, German Wirehair and,.... Friggin Great Pyrenees.
Oh, shit!

We're very glad to be past the puppy teeth phase. Her canines were hooked like a snake and she kept my arms and hands torn up because of playing.
Now, she just has a mouthful of massively large teeth.
She'll be 7 months old on Sunday.
This is the ride home with us pic.

Her first boat ride


Being cute for Rebecca

And a random pic.

I'll edit this later or post again to show the other dogs that have been part of my life.
Right now, I'm being reminded that some pooch is ready for breakfast
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Here's Jake:


He constantly looks like the last three photos, always begging for food! You can get him to do almost literally anything with food, which he inhales. Since he's on a baotload of meds for Valley Fever and what we think is a herniated disc or maybe a degenerative disc disease, the fact that he doesn't really chew his food is good, because giving him meds is completely drama free. :ROFLMAO:

He's a rescue pug that the wife got just before we met several years ago. We think be's about 11, and won't likely be with us for too much longer. :cry: He's been an amazing dog, overall, and will be sorely missed when the time comes for him to go home!
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? I know shes lounging around the house playing with the pups, but your wife really needs to shave her legs.....

LOL, that fur makes her stick to the... wait... wrong forum.

Don't you love the intensity of that sleep face? It's like: "Y'all leave me alone, I got a hero dog dream goin' on here!"
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Our Charlie. Wasnt ready for a new dog when we got him. Still busted up from losing our last baby. My wife conned me into going to look around a shelter and this happened. I tried not to even make eye contact with him. But then it played on my mind that he looks like just enough Pit that he'd end up getting a needle before he got adopted if I didn't take him. And that, I could not abide. He's a handful, but he's been one of the best I've had.
This is Bosun. Besides Jodie, he's my wife's other half when I'm gone... which is about 245 days a year. Every person or family is different and so the "perfect breed" will usually be different for different folks. This little furball happens to be the perfect breed for me and my wife and he's about the best thing that's ever happened to us. I'm sure most of us feel the same way and the joy our furry friends bring is equaled only by the hole they leave when they are gone. The funny thing is that they keep reminding us of their predecessors in the most endearing ways and it only makes you love them more. I'll probably never "get" people who don't "get" dogs; nor would I really care to.

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Great thread, but bummer at the sametime. I have to get out pics of RSD German sheperd, he developed hip dysplasia, and had to be put to sleep. Given a choice, would have rather taken the worse ass whipping of my life, than to do that. AS far as I was concerend that dog out ranked alot of my family members.

Disclaimer: edited from wiping to whipping, :eek:
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Great pics and stories. All animals, whether they be cat or dog, make our lives better and it hurts when they pass because they were important. Nothing loves as unconditionally as a critter. A good rule in life is to try to be the person our animals thinks we are.

This was Toby as I found him every day when I came home from work for many years...he left us about 7 years ago to the day....


He was my constant companion and put on many good rabbit hunts..I hope he's there to greet me later on..


This is (L-R) Mossberg-P6-and Hank...all the current constant companions and partners in crime!

Best buds..
Damn onions.......

The wife and I are empty nesters. The most recent family dogs are now gone. We've talked about getting a new one (Bernese Mountain Dog) but we plan on traveling and it wouldn't be fair to the dog. All of ours have been good, but our favorite was "Beauregard", who was a 180 pound Newfoundland. Just an amazingly loyal and committed friend. He was our best buddy.

I'd like to have another Newfie or Berner before I check out, but we're going to travel for a bit, then settle down. Maybe once that happens, we'll jump back into the pool. Hard living without them.....:cry:
This is Tucker our first Dane we adopted at 18 months old.


This picture was taken 20 hours before we had to put him down due to congestive heart failure at young 6 years 2 months old. I took him to the best veterinary cardio unit in the state but the cards weren't in his favor.

Tucker and his older brother Rev were a squirrel and racoon hunting team 365 days of the year.


The vacancy he left within our household was immense and as luck would have it we came across another Dane that was up for adoption 30 days later. Duke has turned out to be a very special companion and convinced me that I'll never be without a Great Dane as long as I'm physically able.


He's also an exceptional squirreler.


One thing is certain...…. I've never met a bad dog, only dogs that have been screwed up by abusive POS humans.
One thing is certain...…. I've never met a bad dog, only dogs that have been screwed up by abusive POS humans.

Outstanding photos! Agreed on the comment above. I know how dogs can sense our physical pain and mental stress, because they come to me to try to comfort me. My hypothesis is that they can relieve pain, because petting them, walking them, throwing tennis balls, etc., makes me feel better.