Photos Multicam Suits :)


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Heres is my brother and I sporting sexy new multicam wookie suits!! We made with the help of an SEO friend last year sometime when multicam was really en vogue. hahaha

They are made on Propper uniforms... have crye 1000denier drag pads with velcro closure. I just cut puss pad for them, and it works great. Thumb loops, drag strap, camo net netting on the back (perfect size i think, not to big not too small) Tied in a shit ton of hair scrunchies cut so that they are one piece, those are brown. Everything is either triple or quadruple stitched. The netting was sewn in by hand with 60lb test braided fishing line. And after about 10 or so stalks i have lost a thread
plus the drag areas are holding up beautifully. Oh also cut the backs out and sewed/glued in netting for some venting. Id like to add a few pockets to them but not really in a hurry. The current Theater doesnt really require suits anyway. But maybe some day

But for all the hard work i put into mine, i think a nice operational suit would be just the ghillie top from Diamondback, slips right over your blouse and side zips, and really that and a hat is all you need. I think pants are pretty much worthless unless yur really getting burned up on the glass by some eagle eyes.