Navy/Army Aviation mechanics - need a job???


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Mar 27, 2003
Silverdale, WA
I work for a company that's looking for people in the aviation community, preferrably former senior enlisted, E-5 and above.

If you have experience with ASM, or F-18/C-130/Helicopter MECHANIC skills and want to do some teaching and travelling - it's a good job.

Lot of travel involved but good pay and a good company to work for.

Inquire within...PM me...

The job is located here wher I live - they won't pay to move someone but if it fits ya - again inquire within...

Here's the job listings:

Put my name down, if you get hired I'd like the referral..

These jobs were pointed to me as I worked in taht field, built those servers that are used for training but I don't do the travel thing - got too much going at home these days...

There's lots of overtime, good pay, good bennies, vacation, etc...


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Jun 12, 2006
Commiefornia (Ridgcrest)
Re: Navy/Army Aviation mechanics - need a job???

Hey Arctic I am a Airframer in the Navy but I have atleast another 6years left. I do on the other hand have a guy that works here in QA with me that is looking for a job in WA. Would you mind me sending him the info?