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Feb 28, 2013
Snohomish, WA
Just wanted to put up my experience with NightForce customer service for those that may be considering a scope and where customer service may be a deciding factor. I recently sent in my scope (an NSX 5.5-22x50 w/ ZS & NPR1) for a cross-threaded sunshade. To my pleasant surprise, when speaking with Sonny from NightForce, he told me there would be no charge other than $20 return shipping for doing the job, (and possibly for a new objective ring if needed).

I sent out the scope insured Fedex and the morning after it arrived, I received an email letting me know they received it. A day later I got a call from Sonny advising me his techs looked at it and gave me an updated price to include a new objective ring. All things considered, it was more than a fair quote and everything including shipping was $90. The beauty is that before the scope leaves NightForce, it has to pass two blind tests (same as their new scopes) and meet all current 2013 certification standards. They not only cleaned it up, but there are no noticeable wear marks and the scope literally looks brand new to include a new sticker with the tech's initials.

On initial contact with NightForce I was quoted a turn-around time of 4-6 weeks minimum (which I pretty much expected). I shipped the scope out on 4/11 and it's now back in my hands on 4/22. Folks, if that isn't customer service and exceeding expectations, I don't know what is. The entire process was simple, smooth and efficient with excellent communication beginning to end.

I was currently in the market for a new scope for my JP LRP-07H and considered several other brands in addition to NightForce. I've stopped that search...I'm going with another NightForce. This time an NSX 3-15x50 w/ ZS & the M.O.A.R. reticle. Already paid for it and it's on its way. When something works, why mess with it or venture into an unknown? This level of customer service is rare these days and it absolutely sold me on staying within the NightForce family of products. Kudos to NightForce and to Sonny for an outstanding job and customer service the way it should be. :D


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Aug 28, 2012
Eastern NC
Sonny is the man!!! He helped me out with my scope a while back. FedEx then sent it to NC (where I live) and then for whatever reason decided to ship it to almost every other state in the US. It was a nightmare but Sonny was wonderful and did everything he could to help. Needless to say, he and talked almost every day I think a lot of him. He is a great guy!!!! FedEx on the other hand can kiss my ass!!!!