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Jun 14, 2020
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Haven't seen a thread like this yet in The Pit, so thought I'd give it a shot. I know there's plenty of gear heads here with cool rides.
It's simple; post up your kills, either on the highway or on the track... Brief description of what you drive and what is done to it, and if possible, post what is done to the vehicle you killed.

I drive a 1991.5 Dodge Cummins, with quite a bit of work done to it. It makes close to 500 HP at the tires. It's my daily, and my work truck on the ranch, but it can be fun too.

Merging onto the freeway today and minding my own business in the slow lane doing 65 MPH, when a riced out Honda Civic (that I assume saw my smallish cloud of smoke from having to pull out in traffic onto the service road) proceeded to get beside me and mash the throttle and fly by me, like I was supposed to be impressed.
I was a little surprised to hear a turbocharger whistling through his epic BEFORE the front tire side-dump through-the-fender exhaust...
I took the bait, and moved over a lane and eased up beside him. I heard his "monster" turbo start to spool, as I rolled into the throttle, leaving his rice car in my dust and smoke.
He wanted round 2, this time moving all the way over to the fast lane so he could really lay into it and gap me... I stayed over by the slow lane, rolling into the throttle with the same results as round 1. I kept it under 100 MPH due to upcoming traffic, and he proceeded to do the "ricer fly by," probably thinking he won, even though I had let out several seconds prior.
My old Cummins isn't much, but it has some top end torque. Made right at 1,000 ft/lbs at the tires last time I had it on the dyno. Might be the norm for modern trucks, but mine came from the factory 31 years ago with 350 ft/lbs.
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Apr 8, 2011
Eastern Washington
I crushed the souls of a couple of Harley losers in my GT350 last summer. Nothing too exciting, loud pipes and 38 horses and they rolled up beside me at the light revving their potato cycles. I gave both of them the hole shot and terrified them with a screaming 8,000 rpm pass a few seconds later. The next light they quietly turned left and headed back to their janitorial jobs.

I have a Ford 6.7, factory 400hp/800tq, nothing special. But after a decade of trying no loser in a welfare BMW with red plastic taped tail lights and a fart can muffler has made it by me.

My buddy has a Hellcat Red Eye. The sound that car makes when the blower is screaming is awesome. It is surprisingly fast and most people are smart enough to "just say no".


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Jul 20, 2017
I had an 05 6.0 powerstroke. Crew cab long bed 4x4 with a six speed manual trans.

Truck got the full build. Freshened up, resealed the whole motor, studded, all the problem areas addressed. South bend dual disc clutch. 175cc injectors 30% over nozzles, air dog fuel pump, banks ram air with their intake elbow and charge pipe, garret powermax turbo, 4" straight pipe all the way out. Tried custom tunes, it's favorite combo was a bully dog triple dog stacked with a banks sixgun with the speed loader. Never dynoed it but talking with industrial injection they said that combo should put 600-650 on the ground.

One day on my way home from work I'm cruising a back country two lane with a 45mph speed limit and this little red two door civic with a beer can for a muffler comes screaming around me. Stop sign within sight just ahead.

We both turn right towards the main highway that is the next leg of my daily journey home. Get to the light and lo and behold he's going the same direction as me again. I really wanted to prove a point but I'd just pumped a hundred dollars worth of fuel in my truck and I really didn't want to wreck the good mileage I was getting.

Couple miles up the road and red hits his right blinker. He's going my direction again! I can't let it go unanswered any more. I hit my blinker, downshift to 2nd as I make the turn down my road and mat it. Jammed 3rd and mat it again. He's got a quarter mile on me probably at this point. He knows I'm coming for him because I can smell his exhaust and hear the high pitch wine of his torque deprived four cylinder.

Then I notice a guy walking down the middle of the road just up ahead! So I lift but hold third running about 55mph. We go buy the guy in the road and I wrapped out third and went to 4th about 75mph.
Around 80-85 the six0 was singing pretty good as I drove around him. At 96 I hit overdrive and kept going to somewhere over 100. The look of disbelief on his face that he'd just been smoked by a crew cab one ton was hilarious.

Wish I'd kept that truck. My wife came home complaining about how it got squirrelly on her one day when she'd drove it to town. Said she got on it and it and the back end would just slide. She thought something was wrong. I asked her what gear she was in and she told me 3rd. To get it loose in 3rd you had to be in it pretty good around 55-60 mph. My wife lol.


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Oct 20, 2013
Mechanicsville, VA
I ride a 2009 Ducati 1198 Superbike (175hp). On the interstate and some muscle car dolt in a newer Rousch ground effects Mustang starts ghosting me. Guess they have 500hp???? Don't really know. We get into it and I'm able to just slowly ease away from him. At about 125-130 mph he backs out if it. Not bad for a 13 year old bike... These car guys have no idea what real acceleration is. It's all about power to weight ratio. The new Superbikes have 210 hp, weigh less than mine and will do 200mph......on pump gas.
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May 27, 2021
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I was driving the speed limt. Had some deuche bag in a z28 come up next to me rev then punch it . He got up to about 120, then got stopped at the next traffic light, about a mile up the road, which takes for for ever. I didn’t even speed up, I bust a left and take a side street to avoid the light and while he was sitting stopped, came out ahead of him. Drove in the right lane with my window down waiting for him to catch up. When he finally does he girl was laughing her ass off. He looked puzzled... not knowing how to react that I was back in front of him, so he punched the throttle again...

Years ago some dumb ass in a corvette comes up beside me while sitting at a light and starts reving his engine, light changes and he dumps the clutch and off he goes. Well the car behind him was a sheriff officer who proceeded to pull him over.... I laughed and waved as I went by.

Those are the two, of many kills that come to mind.


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  • Aug 30, 2008
    New York City
    I was 15yo riding my bike up the hwy. 6% grade 2 miles. About 50yards ahead I saw a 80’s station wagon pulling a trailer. Struggling. I took the challenge.

    I gave it it all I had to catch up. Then to my surprise I saw the wagon was not only pulling a trailer but was filled to the brim with migrant workers.

    I looked at them and they at me. It was game on. I had pulled ahead by 25 yards by the top of the hill.

    Later that summer I also over took a dump truck. Same road.

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  • Dec 25, 2018

    I race a 99 civic. 75 raging horses for all of you posers
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  • Jan 2, 2022
    I used to ride one of these bikes on the street.

    It's really quite satisfying, and humbling, to know without a doubt there is not one vehicle on the ground that can out run you.
    It all came to a rather significant conclusion when it seized up on me doing a rather paltry 65-70 down the 91 freeway in SoCal.
    11 inches of metal plate, along with 9 screws, in my right leg ended my motorcycling career forever.
    The only thing I regret was that my stepmother sold the remains of the bike while I was unconscious in the hospital.
    Just the remains would probably be worth 100k or more these days......and I had bought it for $3200 in 1978.
    So yea, I know fast in a way very few get to experience.
    Since then I've also built world record holding boats and cars and of course someone has to *test drive* it.
    Happy to say I've been both fast and quick (radical difference between the 2) and have lived to tell it.


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  • Jul 29, 2019
    No kills in a very very long time. Gotta fet my turbo sbc syclone up and running. Finally moving where i can work on it. Town is so small there isn’t a person to race, so might have to drive down to Phoenix where there is a lot of racing.


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    Mar 27, 2022
    As much as I hate em the electric vehicles can beat most rides 0-60 nowadays.


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  • Feb 13, 2017
    Sunny Colorado
    I'll tell you about my uncle Garland's flat black '55 Chevy. He got it on the road in 1968, which was the summer I spent at his house on the south side of Chicago. Nice place to hang in '68 when you are a 13 year old lily white boy surrounded by angry folks. Garland was a talented machinist and welder and he was a creative hot rodder. He stripped the body then acid dipped it to thin down the heavy skin. Built a tubular steel frame, narrowed 9" Ford rear axle, set the motor back about 12". He'd done some custom machining for Jim Hall's team and they got him an early aluminum 427 block and heads. Then he added a blower and an M22. He got Stahl headers and put straight back dumps with the lever to open them on the transmission hump. The sound of that blower and exhaust running through the gears was like heavy metal thunder, but with a whine underneath.

    Looking at the car from the side, you couldn't tell that there were big, fat slicks tucked up into the rear wheel tubs. Garland spent most of the summer tweeking the suspension and his shift points. We'd take the '55 to US-30 on the weekends and optimize, tune and thrash. I learned mucho wrenching fundamentals from Garland. He was a hell of a dude. His best quarter mile was a 10.31 with a lowish RPM 1-2 shift, but I don't remember the trap speed. Traction was the main problem and he wasn't pushing the 427 all that hard because he wanted it to last a while. For sure it could have been a 9 second car with enough tuning. The most fun I had riding along was when Garland would cruise Lakeshore Drive, dusting Vettes, Cudas, GTO's, you name it. If the road was sticky, he could get the front wheels up and onto the wheelie wheels.

    I didn't feel that kind of hole shot G force again until I got into racing bikes a few year later.
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    Feb 12, 2018
    Wait, you novel posted a rambling saga of toasting a kid on his way to his Taco Bell shift?