1. skyewalker

    Optics AADmount caps- Schmidt Bender Ultrashort

    Brand new set of caps I forgot I had ordered a while back for my ultra. Sold the scope since, 75$shipped Ocular with tennebraex adaptor. Venmo or Zelle, no PP.
  2. Tactically_Advantangeous

    Optics WTS Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 H-59 RAL800

    Selling off the rest of my kit. Took this off the rifle I sold. FS Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 H-59 RAL800-Tan Also will be selling the Spuhr SP-4601 as well. Will sell individually as well. Paid $4200 3 years ago. Since the going rate has gone down quite a bit. I'll let go for $2900 OBO For...

    Optics SOLD - Schmidt and Bender PMII 5-25x56 - Gen 2 XR - Mil

    SOLD - Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP / DT GENII XR MRAD ccw Black Riflescope 677-911-772-9068. Selling a safe queen scope. Bought for a long range hunting rifle and ended up going with a lighter optic. Mounted in Nightforce Ultralight rings, it does have light ring marks. Other than that...

    SOLD - Like New Schmidt and Bender PMII 5-25x56 - P4f Reticle - Mil

    Sold to buffalowinter Schmidt Bender PMII Riflescope 5-25x56 L/P DT P4 Fine FFP 34mm .1mrad CCW 677-911-972-90-68 In new condition, this scope has never seen the light of day on a rifle. Comes with the original box, packaging, scope caps, manuals, etc. This scope is flawless and looks brand...
  5. savageeaglenavy

    Rifle Scopes Which scope for DTA covert KAhles or March

    After a lot of reading and research in my opinion S & B have been replaced by the FFP march 5-40 and Khales 6-24. Both if these scopes have or are coming out with a MSR/ACR. I know this might ruffle some feathers but please give your insight on which is best and if there is another that is...
  6. H

    Rifle Scopes LaRue OBR 7.62 Scope Advice - S&B 3-20x50 or 5-25x56?

    Also... I've read up on the MTC vs standard DT dials. It seems there is much apprehension surrounding the MTC (which is the stock configuration for the 3-20 and is an option for the 5-25). After I have become proficient at the 500 to 1000 yard range with the OBR, I will likely want to move...
  7. 3

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender service

    Can anyone give me a contact number for the repair shop for my S&B. The zero has been shifting on me and now I noticed the dot is off the cross hairs. It is a Short dot. Thanks.
  8. dar1246

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt and Bender turrets??

    I just got my 2nd Schmidt. The question I have is the wind turrets are different. The direction to go to the right is opposite. This seems wierd. Does anybody heard of this before? Here is a picture of the two.
  9. Tai_Mai_Shu

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender PM II 4-16x50 Pricing?

    Doing my research again, I came across this Great article from the Hide and on the PM II. I noticed that the scope was selling for $2020.00 in the review. I did a Google search and found the pricing is now at almost $3,000.00 WTH is going on...
  10. J

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt Bender P4Fine

    Anyone know what the recticle breakdown is??
  11. B

    Rifle Scopes schmidt bender in germany

    i am located in the united states but i am looking for a gun shop in germany that stocks schmidt bender scopes. I am looking for the 12-50 pm2 scope and i dont want to wait until it comes out in USA. if anyone can guide me to a shop in germany with a website that would be great! thanks
  12. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes mp8 reticle in schmidt and bender/premier reticles

    is there a company out there that will still make custom reticles and install them in schmidt and bender scopes? or does premier reticles plan on coming out with an moa/moa scope? looking to see if anyone plans on making an mp8 reticle in moa format instead of mils. i.e. same dot in the middle...
  13. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Can Schmidt & Bender be switched from moa to mil

    just wondering if a Schmidt and Bender can be changed from Moa to MIL ?? Thanks Bill
  14. B

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender P4F subtention diagram

    I've searched both here and Google and I've not been able to find what I need. I used to have this file that I'd via email from Jerry @ premier that was a very nice PDF of the subtentions of the P4F reticle. I lost it in a recent format and I missed backing up that folder. If anyone has...
  15. S

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

    I recently purchased a Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 scope with 1/4 MOA turrets, but without an owner's manual. I have to admit to being rather confused about why the elevation clicks don't align with the lines depicted on the turret itself. Can anyone please post a link to a webpage discussing...
  16. P

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender reticle selection

    I'm ordering a S&B 3-12x50 pm11. My reticle options are gen 2 mildot or p4f. I will be mouting it on a Gap 308 w/ 18 inch barrel. Looking for reticle opinions.
  17. W

    Rifle Scopes schmidt and bender reticles ?

    Does anyone know it schmidt and bender will ever offer a reticle that is MOA based rather than mil based? I just like the NP-R1 reticle from night force and i prefer MOA, and was just wondering if anyone had heard anything or think that they ever will make an MOA based reticle
  18. E

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt and Bender PMII Bottomed out..

    Hey, there I'm new to the site.. I've got a question.. I've got a schmidt and bender PMII with the US Marine style double turn turrets, it's on 20moa nightforce bases.. my problem is I've got it zeroed out and I can only go to 150 clicks and I've bottomed it out.. what can I do so I can get the...
  19. Surgeon_Shooter

    Rifle Scopes Question about schmidt and bender.

    On a schmidt and bender 5x25x56 pm2, if it has 1/4 moa adjustments how should the marks on the turret look? Should it have 8 hash marks between numbers? I'm gonna get some pics up of the turret that I have a question about. Thanks for any help
  20. B

    Rifle Scopes USO & SCHMIDT & BENDER

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but I have read here lot's of times. I was wondering if there are any members in se mi, with uso or s&b variable scopes I am looking very hard at putting one of the 5-25's on my 300 win. 700 rem 5r . I dont mind spending the $ but I would like to compare the...