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  1. TxDerek

    Optics TacomHQ MK8

    Just received our TacomHQ Mk8. We are no longer in need of it and opened the box just to take pictures. $2850obo shipped to your door
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes Average Usable elevation on PST 5-25

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have recently zeroed my pst 5-25 on my tikka ctr and found that I have about 10.5 mils left of usable elevation. I was honestly a little surprised that it took 15 mils to zero. Is this normal? The ctr has a zero Moa base. Given 25 total mils of elevation and dividing...
  3. savageshooter623

    Rifle Scopes vortex viper 6.5-20x44 maximum elevation after sight in.

    Hey all! Im looking for a new long range scope, and I would like a lot of adjustment for a reasonable price. Its only going on a .308. My only question is, how much adjustment am i really getting out of this 68 moa range? does anyone know how much more elevation they have on this scope after a...
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes S&B 4-16x42 Elevation Range?

    The single turn S&B 4-16x42 has 130cm of elevation adjustment but does anyone know the total adjustment in the scope? Trying to research whether a 4-16 will have enough adjustment to go to 1000 yards flat rail or with a 20 moa rail on a hot day. The adjustment is there but will the full...
  5. S

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce Zero Stop and no elevation marks?

    I saw a Nightforce 5.5x22 with a zero stop for the first time today. It didn't have the elevation marks so you know what revolution you are on. I was just wondering if this is normal and how everyone likes it? I know it has the zero stop but I would still like the elevation marks on the turret.
  6. P

    Rifle Scopes Where in the Elevation turrent does your NF zero?

    NF 5.5X22/56mm OBJ on NF High rings, PRI extened rail with 20MOA cant. Im at the 4th revolution for my 100 yd Zero, IE 40 MOA up. Would you consider that average given the scope/ring and Obj combo?
  7. F

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell 3200 10X Mil Dot Real World Elevation?

    I have two of the Bushnell 10X Mil Dot scopes, and out of curiosity I decided to check how much internal elevation travel the reticles actually have. They are advertised as having 100 MOA of travel, quite a bit for a 1" tube scope. Testing my own, one has only 72 MOA, and the other has 80...
  8. T

    Rifle Scopes 300 whisper, not enough elevation

    I have a 3.5x15 Nightforce NXS mounted on my Encore 300 whisper. I only have about 25moa of elevation left. Does anyone know of a pic. rail made with extra MOA in it that fits a t/c encore or is there something different I can do with my mounting? I want to be able to shoot to 300 to 350yds...
  9. J

    Rifle Scopes New Mark4 60015 doesn't have 65MOA elevation adj.

    I have a new Leupold Mark 4 60015 and I was shooting today. I had it zeroed before... didn't think anything of it wanted to adjust the POI down and I was stopped. I was only able to turn it 1 click down. I can turn it 47 MOA up and that is it. WTF???
  10. H

    Rifle Scopes USO Elevation

    Quick question here: On the SN-3 series with the 1/10 mil EREK, once your elevation is maxed out, which I believe is 18 mils with a 30mm tube and 21 mils with a 34mm tube, does the turrett stop spinning? Thanks, Mike
  11. SavageStag

    Rifle Scopes Elevation line on NXS question.

    When I got my 5.5-22 NXS, the elevation knob was set at the 4th line (40 M.O.A.) It seems kind of stupid to have 40 minutes already used up when they advertise 100 moa elevation adjustment. I wanted to see if this was a common thing before I bother them about it. Thanks in advance
  12. S

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

    I recently purchased a Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 scope with 1/4 MOA turrets, but without an owner's manual. I have to admit to being rather confused about why the elevation clicks don't align with the lines depicted on the turret itself. Can anyone please post a link to a webpage discussing...
  13. A

    Rifle Scopes elevation holds for a 100 meter zero

    hello I´m new in this forum, and I have to say Im humbled by it!, anyway, I have the John Plaster book, "the ultimate sniper" and the ballistic chart for elevation holds with the mil-dot reticle is based on a 600 yard zero in .308 win..., my question: does anybody have a chart for elevation...
  14. kyle

    Rifle Scopes Why does 20 MOA base not give 20 MOA Elevation?

    I've bought a Nightforce 12-42X56 Benchrest scope for my new 6.5x47 Lapua F-Class gun. Scope spec'd for 40 MOA elevation range. I'll need about 29 MOA to get to to 1K with a Berger 130 from a 100Y zero. Gun still being built and will have 20 MOA tapered base installed. Just for grins , I...
  15. S

    Fieldcraft Elevation calculation

    Anybody know the math and tools needed to compensate for shooting from a lower or higher point than your target?
  16. duke308

    Rifle Scopes MOA rails and unused elevation adjustment

    I put a Farrell 20 MOA rail on my Remy 700 .308 with a Falcon 4-14 FFP,and at a zero 100 yards I am using about 25% of my elevation adjustment. Is there a solution for this? Or just a result of the base being so thick?