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    Rifle Scopes Will USO Survive???

    These optics are professional grade, but novices recognize their quality too. Given both, USO is successful and will be.
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    Bolts, pins and parts.

    JPE,DPMS,Armalite. DPMS extension. The springed pin is Armalite. The other is DPMS. These are the only tools need to work on an AR:
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    AR component parts: How to decide guide for the obsessed of us.

    How do I find out which are the better parts to use for my build? Asking those with more experience is one excellent way, but how do I find experienced shooters and smiths? Unless the experience of the opinionated one is obvious, research is one way to find experience and information. You are...
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    7 mm rem mag question

    There are a general rules of shooting, obviously, but there is room for exceptions: If a v8 in one car is outperformed by a v6 in another, its okay though the performance is an exception. The headstamp is general. "Holy Toledo, Batman!" performance is peculiar to the piece producing it, and...
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    7 mm rem mag question

    Whether or not your bullets are coated, the pressure limit usually provide sufficient data to deem maximum. Don't dismiss advantage. Stoke it, but don't smoke it!
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    KAC, forgive me?

    Shooters, I once dogged KAC, implying they were not all that, but that Government contracts were their primary goal without much in the way of actual firearms manufacturing competence. I was wrong. One sure way to recognize a high-performance oriented big chassis AR is the size of the firing...
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    Gas gun reloading

    Copper Creek! Don't you guys know anything? There IS no difference I tell you!
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    Gas gun reloading

    Whomever believes loading for bolt is same as gas is mistaken. Sizing cases without an expander is common practice for many bolt gun loaders. As xcount wrote, because semis ding the case mouth often, your expander button or mandrel will need to straighten out the inwardly poking ding. Also...
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    HBN size for bullet coating

    It seems most use .5 micron size.
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    6xc reloading help

    It is possible but Reloader 17, H4350, 4831 and VvN160 rule 6xc. Loaded right they all work well. Read Tubb and Salazar. Do whatever either suggest.
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    When the defendant does not testify

    So you don't put your client on the stand for a few good reasons. First, he has a right against self-incrimination. The burden of proof is on the prosecution in accordance with the US Constitution. Therefore, the prosecution cannot call the defendant to the stand to testify. However, he may...
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    lowering my ES??

    The issue is whether rounds impact within the capabilities of the rig and shooter in vertical dispersion at longer distances, say 600+. Rounds' impacts from a one minute rifle would expect to be within 1moa in vertical dispersion (6" top to bottom of group) unless there is a gun or ammo...
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    Gunsmithing Input on what happened to this brass...

    It's not too late to switch hobbies. That's what I suggest. Your understanding of how all this works is so far from reality, and you're so smart, that you will likely never reach the point of understanding what actually occurs during hand loading and firing firearms. Stay with rim fires and...
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    Gunsmithing What is the best wood putty and stain for a wood stock?

    Remove the butt plate. Shave off enough wood to mix with glue such that the glue/wood matches the wood on the stock. Use that mixture as a filler. Dry. Sand. Finish with Tung Oil.
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    Gunsmithing wood stock project

    Beautiful. Describe your finish process or method.