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    Rifle Scopes Which quick release mount?

    LaRue SPRS QD I take mine on and off my 7mag over and over and its bang on every time , can't speak for any other brand but with LaRue you get what you pay for and exactly what they say , return to zero guarantee.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Carry knife preferences

    Always in reach , Spyderco JD Smith , Razor Sharp , fast deploy ...... I am more likely to leave the house with one shoe than to leave without it ;-)
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    Hunting & Fishing Hornady AMAX for hunting?

    A nice Red stag with an 162g Amax from 7mm Rem Mag behind the shoulder , they are a reliable thin skinned game taker and fantastically accurate in all my rifles I can't mark them down in any measure.
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    Hunting & Fishing Post your SMK/Match bullet kills

    for all the doubters , its still I68g its still doing 2600+ fps its still copper and lead and shot properly everything you shoot with them will be dead : Another factoid you wont kill them from behind your PC or off your couch with the Brochure your reading on how unsuitable they are to hunt...
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    Hunting & Fishing Post your SMK/Match bullet kills

    168G SMK at 2650fps gets her done
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    Hunting & Fishing Why Guns and Ammo HATES the .308

    Wow this guy waded right into a stream of contriversy with his opinions on the 308 , he must have been low on material or stories to pull this cartridge and its fan base on with such a review. There are so many variables in this debate you would never pin these points down to everyones...
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    Hunting & Fishing Long shots on game - what are people resting off?

    If I can get to the ground im off my Atlas or Harris bipods every time but when the grass is long I have a LaRue quick detachable mount for my Manfrotto Bipod with a Video Ball head , its rock solid and if you wan you can sit shooting sticks under the butt to really lock it up , If you sit with...
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    Hunting & Fishing Hornady AMAX for hunting?

    Yep Bodywerks I am using Standard RCBS dies and seating stems in my 308 and 7mag with no measurable effects on run out.
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    Training Courses Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle I Course Review

    XOR .... One of the best posts ive ever read , many many thanks for taking the time to detail it all out for us , it sounds like a wonderful learning experience .........BTW I love the C.O.R.D some of the world simplest solutions are the best. Thanks once again
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    Hunting & Fishing Pimp the Handi rifle

    Yep no one got a bigger or more pleasant surprise than me when I shot this little rifle it's a 308 and when I picked it up I grabbed a couple of packs of Remington gold tip 165g , at 100yards these were holding around the 1 MOA mark , so I hand loaded some 168g A-max at the same AOL and shot...
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    Hunting & Fishing Pimp the Handi rifle

    Gave my Handi rifle project the all over Cerakote treatment this week , she is a very well behaved sub MOA rifle that now looks as good as it shoots
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    Hunting & Fishing Cool game camera kill pic

    I love it .....whats the chances of snapping that shot 1:1000000000 all the fun of the gun
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    Hunting & Fishing Handy Rifle is a Hog Hurter

    Sorry I have been slow to get back to this redleg , thats a stony point bipod attachment there on the forend , I also have a Pic section that mounts onto a LaRue quick detachable mount that swings right into my Manfrotto camera tripod if im in a hide. I have tinkered around with this little...
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    Hunting & Fishing CA Deer Hunters

    cracking photo nice share ........ something to look forward to