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    Range Report 460 S&W Rifle Info Request

    I am starting to look at the 45 Raptor too. Better ballistics than the others and capable of using a 308 bolt face. Hell I wouldn't care about cutting down some 308 brass to use. Just have to find a barrel that I can spin on my Savage for around the same price you can get one to go on an AR10...
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    SMK 155 recipe?

    I have some left over 155's from my Savage that I am looking to burn up. Does anyone have a good load with Varget for a LTR?
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    Training Courses [T3]Trigger Time Training - Enhanced Precision Rifle Course - Instructed by Frank Galli

    If I wasn't going to be away at training, I would be there for sure!
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    Big thanks to Frank (lowlight)

    Well about a month and a half ago I took the sheriff out for some range time with our department 308 (700 LTR, no one can get proper cheek weld to, rings that are too high, SFP Swift optic, Cabela's special bipod, and the old deputy that has the trigger all jacked up). He had never shot it past...
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    Member Link Up Nebraska members

    Guess there isn't many from the Panhandle doing much shooting.
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    White Oak Armament 20", .223 WOA, 1 in 7 twist- Suggested Components

    With the wife's DPMS Mini SASS (18" barrel) I have been running 75g Hornady HPBT, Varget, LC brass, and Fed match primers. Getting 2730 fps in the summer and 2720 in the winter. Have a perfect load at mag length, and very accurate.
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    F T/R Competition F Class in NE?

    Nope not even close to the area. I am out in the panhandle.
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    F T/R Competition F Class in NE?

    How about any in Western NE?
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    Do you like your Savage 10 FCP 5R?

    I had a Savage McMillan FCP and it was a fantastic shooter.
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    Member Link Up Nebraska members

    Well I guess I need to grimy this thread back to life. I am moving to Chappell for a job from MI, and could use some help from you gents. First I need to find some shooting buddies, and can someone help me with the really screwy deer seasons and areas.
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    Member Link Up Western NE, Northern CO shooting

    Well I will have to get with you then. I know there is lots of wide open spaces around there.
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    Member Link Up Western NE, Northern CO shooting

    Got a job as a deputy at Deuel County.
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    Member Link Up Western NE, Northern CO shooting

    Hey guys/gals, I am moving out to Chappell NE in a few weeks and am in need of some shooting buddies.
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    F T/R Competition New F T/R Rifle

    Very sharp rifle!! How is it looking on the other end of the range?
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    Had some fun with the 22

    Now that is a perfectly good waste of good candy!!