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    He has a business to run. 😏
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    Got here yesterday. What time is everyone meeting up?
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    Banned from ARF

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    Banned from ARF

    Wait, he’s not??
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    Everyday Sniper Podcast, Phil Velayo

    Wife and I listened on the drive down.
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    Where's Hunter?

    Hunter is laying low in Corn Pop’s crib.
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    Anyone listening to the ACB nomination hearings?

    I heard that ACB stepped on an ant, once.
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    So, who's financing all the riots?

    Does that include dancing the Mamushka?
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    Haliburton International Foods CEO charged with child prostitution

    And to think, if he was 24, having sex with a 14 yo in Cali would have been ok.
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    USPS and Voting by mail

    Shipping in PA sucks balls recently. I’ve had shit go from pa to nj back to pa And into nj again before coming back to pa. Place was literally 30 hr from me.
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    Mayo on my burger? I kill you.

    Didn’t he have the hot sauce dispensing watch?
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    Is there such thing as AR15 sniper rifle?

    You said “Bush Master”. 😏
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    Is there such thing as AR15 sniper rifle?

    Should I get a meme ready?