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    Nightforce NX8 2.5-20 - First Look

    Guys.....he’s JOKING..... it’s not polymer. It’s Area 51 smoke processed, digitally quantified, alien dung. That’s why the big push for the “Area 51 Takeover Party.” It’s largely a ploy by the owners of Super Sniper, and Budley to gain access to this technology. Their prices would then...
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    Enough scope for 1,760y?

    Ooooooh....normally I’m not one to “over scope”. I shoot matches at 12-14 power. I shot Jack and Ash match in Georgia at The Arena with my 4-16X ATACR. We went out to 1160 or 1180. BUT.....milk jugs at a mile will be asking a GREAT DEAL from your glass. Really good glass, parallax dialed out...
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    6.5 creedmoor 20in barrel or 22inch for AR10 platform?

    This is something I have quite a bit of experience with. I have a GAP-10 with a 22” Bartlein barrel, and an Aero with an 18” Ballistic Advantage barrel. I use the GAP for matches and have taken it to 1200-1400 SEVERAL times without problems. The 18” feels MUCH lighter and more maneuverable. Not...
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    NX8 4x32 mounting

    I use a Geiselle Super Precision Mount. I currently have it in a 0 moa Mount. Since I’m using on a 6.5CM, I wish maybe that I had a 20MOA , but I haven’t needed it yet.
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    18 to 16" 308 barrel swap help

    Believe me when I tell you I have seen guys do it. I did not, in any way, say it was correct, but I’ve seen many things done incorrectly. There are many ways to do it. A Mag Pul Bev Block is one. You can use that to transfer to torque to the barrel extension. That is doing the same thing as a...
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    18 to 16" 308 barrel swap help

    You can certainly reuse the nut. As long as you don’t change the rail. Most rails have some kind of proprietary nut to them. Other than that, use it and rock on.
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    Compass Lake enhanced Ar-10

    If absolute accuracy is the desired goal, the GAP-10 is accurate to the inth degree. I have a GAP-10 in 6.5CM. It is surprisingly accurate. I have the 5X5 to prove it. It is close to bolt gun accuracy. I have heard very good things about JP Rifles. I have zero experience with JP, but many...
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    18 to 16" 308 barrel swap help

    Agree with everything here. You already have a nice shooting rifle, and a great scope. In my opinion, take the time and do it correctly. You only need a couple of very basic tools to make the job easy peasy. Invest in a Harbor Freight vice. It doesn’t have to be an awesome vice, it just needs...
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    AR10 with 6.5 Upper showing signs of overpressure

    If your gun likes the Hornady ammo, I have had great luck with the American Gunner from them. It uses a 140 BTHP and still shoots great for the price. I buy it by the 200 round box. I have had super good luck with it and it is much better than the S&B ammo. The American Gunner clocks 2772 out of...
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    Stag10 6.5CM chewing up brass? Photos & Video Clip

    Yes, as loveha said: you are looking to shoot one round and see if the bolt locks back. You then open the AGB one click at a time until you JUST get the bolt to lock back on the empty mag. Once you get bolt lock back, you go one or two more clicks. That will give you a little cushion for ammo...
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    Stag10 6.5CM chewing up brass? Photos & Video Clip

    Getting an AR “tuned” to eject at a certain point is a HUGE fallacy. There are many things that go into correct gas, and I promise you, 3:30 ejection isn’t really all of it. I know many people believe there guns need to eject a certain way. That’s just not fact. I’m betting if you’ll shut the...
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    KAC LPR Mod 2

    I too have a Mod 2 LPR. By far the greatest AR I own. They still come with Kreiger barrels, single point, cut rifling. Can’t do any better than that. I did a 4X5 (usually do 5x5, but had one box of ammo with me) last week. Using Speer 75gr Gold Dot ammo, at 100yds, my overall average for all 4...
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    Stag10 6.5CM chewing up brass? Photos & Video Clip

    Do you have an adjustable gas block? If not, I would highly recommend getting one. You can tune the gun down a bit and it will help your brass significantly. You are a bit overgassed right now, and it shows on your brass.
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    Too Much Scope for a SCAR 17? ;D

    From my personal experience with the Vudu 5-25, I just spent time with one yesterday, the CA is terrible. Very noticeable. In all fairness, my experience is a sample size of one. One guy, and one scope. So, I say that going in. The SPECIFIC one I shot was horrible. Once you see the bright...
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    Best 34mm scope rings

    Spuhr rings and mounts. I am also quite fond of the Geiselle Super Precision mounts. I have 3 different scopes in Geiselle and they are rock solid. The RTZ of both Spuhr and Geiselle are fantastic if you ever need to remove and remount.