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    Barrel Choice

    I to like Bartlein for my first choice with kreiger a close second I think both would perform very well and thank you for your service it is greatly appreciated good luck
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    Easy Question about action bolt

    J B weld should work to but when you tighten just snug it up don’t torque like you would the action screw because all it’s holding is the back of trigger guard
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    Distinct ring around fired case neck.

    Doesn’t look bad enough to cause problems probably caused by a nick in the reamer or a shaving stuck to it can you feel it stick out with a pointed object or is it like a scratch maybe check the chamber with a light to see if a peace of brass or something imbedded in the chamber that could be...
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    Pre-fit Barrel Headspace

    You can just use the brass but should be a fire formed one from another gun I have seen Vergin brass lengthened in the shoulder area up to 15 thousands so a fire formed would work best and do it just like supercorndogs said good luck
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    Dial indicator with a long contact point

    The intrepid is a outstanding indicator I also like the mitutoyo 513-512 it’s small enough to fit up the chamber an extra inch or so
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    Removing Badger Thruster Brake

    A plumber strap wrench might work also
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    Removing Badger Thruster Brake

    The best way is to make a tool out of aluminum 3/8 Or 1/2 inch you can take a Piece of aluminum drill and slightly bigger than a brake then cut a slot from hole to edge and thread it with a cap head screw so it squeezes the brake and give it a good tap with a hammer and should come loose or if...
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    Badger M2013 light primer strikes?

    Sorry didn’t Proof read my post but it should say not sure if this helps good luck
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    Badger M2013 light primer strikes?

    It could be the trigger timing not familiar with badger actions but if the cocking peace on the bolt is to short it doesn’t hold the firing pin back far enough to have enough momentum to hit the primer hard enough not if this helps but good luck
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    Bore condition

    Sometimes accuracy loss can have nothing to do with the throat but more to do with the crown just cleaning can wear the crown and make it not shoot and if it was me I would not set back a barrel because why pay for the work to be done with no Guarantee that it will do any good I would just bite...
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    Muzzle threads

    If it were me I would go 5/8-24 if the barrel is large enough to do so it’s really the barrel that dictates size of thread if its a Thin barrel then you would have to go 1/2-28 always go with largest thread you can but some time equipment will dictated thread size also good luck