1. T

    .308- 1:10 twist rate- are 150gr bullets hopeless?

    Getting my 308 rebarreled its an 18.5" 1:10 twist barrel. Most of my bullets are 150gr- what are the effects on twist rate. Is it a definite thing that 150gr bullets will suck as I hear these 1:10 are best with the heavier pills
  2. J

    Gunsmithing Twist rate for 110 gr 308?

    1 in 12? 1 in 14? Got a bunch of 110 gr Hornady TAP available. The faster twist barrels don't like it much. They are much happier with the 168 gr.
  3. L

    Savage 110 to Accuracy International build

    looking to do a build off of a savage 110 onto an Accuracy International stock. I have seen the remington 700 converts but wondering if the savage 110 series will convert over as well. Anyone help me out?
  4. M

    155 gr Lapua in 1-10 Barrel?

    I've been shooting 175 smk's in my stock Savage. I would like to try the 155gr Scenars but thought I read that my barrel might be to fast to shoot them well. Is there any truth to this? Has anyone been running them through a 308 Savage?
  5. C

    Savage 110 300 Win Mag barrel twist??

    Hey all, I picked up a Pre-accutrigger savage 110 tactical in 300 win mag over the weekend. Rifle was in rough shape but is cleaning up well. I just wanted to know if anybody knew the twist in these. From what I can find they are 1-10" but not positive. I also need to get rid of this...
  6. Johncalloway

    .308 bullet for 20" Barrell 1-10 twist

    I don't know if I should go with a lighter bullet because of the shorter barrel. I really only have experience with nosler BT in my 22-250, but I am going to be reloading for my savage 10fp. So I was just getting some info about where I should start. I think I will use the same powder as I...
  7. CavTrooper

    210 Berger VLDs in a .1-10 twist 308

    Looking for info from anyone who has used the 210gr Berger VLD in the .308? Ill be shooting the stock Savage 10FP with a 1-10 twist barrel. Doing some research the Berger site shows the reccomended twist rate for their bullets gets faster the heavier the bullets go. Im hoping to push the 210gr...
  8. Victor Co Heather

    155 Lapua Scenars out of 1:10 twist?

    Hey gents- I'm fairly new to reloading and have been working primarily with .308 175 SMKs out of my 22" Broughton 1:12 twist bolt gun. I've been working up a load for my Remy with a 20" 1:10 twist and was wondering how if 155 Scenars would work? Is it worth doing for that quick of a twist...
  9. 308skinner


    Title says it all wanting to use Varget or Benchmark. In taking it dog hunting.
  10. Robert DiGiorgio

    Photos Savage 110 in 7mm

    Just finished a desert tan paint job
  11. Darkphage

    New TRG 42 with 1:10 twist?

    Sorry if I am posting something that has been posted b4, but as of this year does Sako make a TRG 42 338 that sports a 1:10 twist for the new 300 grain Scenars? If so -- how do you differentiate the 1:10 rifles from the 1:12 ones? Are both being sold in the USA? Thanks, Dark
  12. J

    Range Report 110 gr .308

    Anybody shot them? I was thinking of loading up some for yote shootin' JH