1. SniperCook

    Reloading Equipment Hornandy super performance

    Hornandy super performance powder. 280 8lb jug
  2. SniperCook

    Reloading Equipment Hornandy súper performance powder

    Hornandy super performance powder. 280 8lb jug
  3. S

    Firearms (PRICE DROP)Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300WSM

    I am trying to help a friend sell his rifle, it's a Christensens Arms 300wsm, would like to sell as a package with a nightforce shv 5-20 along with nf rings. Also includes a spartan javelin bipod. Quickest way to get in touch would be to text or call me at 808 217-0972. May sell rifle or scope...
  4. WindstormSCR

    Need assistance finding an action to meet some specific parameters

    I scored a pretty incredible deal on an unused MDT TAC21 chassis this morning, and while I had been considering a custom bolt rifle for a little while now I hadn't settled on an action yet. The chassis applies some constraints to the selection criteria, and while I've been reading a lot of good...
  5. C

    Firearms WTB 300WSM ,270 WSM

    Looking to buy a 300 WSM and 270 WSM. Don’t need anything $3000 looking for something similar to a Remington Sendero or Tikka T3 Roughtec quality fluted and threaded preferred. Thanks
  6. P_Mo80

    Normal Headspace Expansion? - 300 WSM

    I'm beginning to work on load development for a 300 wsm Using Hornady Headspace Comparator UNFIRED brass headspace measurement: 2.260 Fired Brass (once fired) measurement: 2.283 Question 1: Is 23 thousands expansion normal? Seems like a lot. Question 2: This is a belted magnum, am I...
  7. Q

    Sell me on a 300 WSM vs. 300 WM vs. 300 PRC for Hunting.

    Hi Crew: This is my first post in this forum, though I have been reading Sniper's Hide posts for years now. Love the input so many of you share. I am looking at purchasing my first 300. Already have other rifles in other calibers. The 300 will be primarily for hunting (to include elk or...
  8. H

    300wsm 208 amax???

    looking to try hybrid 100v in a 208 amax but any good load data would be a big help. I have a pretty large selection of powders, thanks hombre
  9. M

    Photos FN SPR A2 .300wsm

    -Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 -Badger FTE -Nightforce rings -2 lb trigger -Tactical OD green Duracoated stock -Launching 175 SMK's at 3050 FPS.
  10. S

    300WSM and RE17

    Any of you shooting the combo? I just starting playing with it this week and it is showing good accuracy so far. No chrony results yet. ANy of you have any data to share? HOPEFULLY with 185-190gr bullets.
  11. S

    SPS 300WSM Varmint

    Have one sitting here about to be sent to the smith to fit up a #7 Broughton. I'm scared to shoot it because if it shoots well I will prob put the build on hold. This wouldn't be a bad idea because I need to move up in scopes instead of building another rifle. Question is are any of you guys...
  12. KYS

    Can you hear me now? Surgeon 300WSM

    Thought I would post this picture up. I just got the rifle back from Surgeon on Thursday and wouldnt you know it, that USPS dropped off my paperwork today for my Quicksilver Manufacturing Titanium Can. Im running a USO SN3 Tpal scope and TPS low rings. Very happy with the rifle and the quality...
  13. long range dogr

    Anyone like the 300wsm?

    I bought a remington sps-v in the wizzum last year.I hav'nt done much with it yet.Just wanted to hear some thoughts on caliber.Pics of some builds?
  14. paulholcomb

    Photos M70 .300WSM

    My new project.....nearly done!
  15. G

    Gunsmithing converting a fn spr receiver into 300wsm

    Can you convert a 308 fn receiver into a 300 wsm? If so how difficult and how will final product work? Anyone done this Thanks
  16. S


    GAP is building me a new shooter in 300WSM and need some feed back on barrel length . I am concerned about velocity loss I will be shooting 185 bergers it will have a brake on it so what do you think .I would like it to be 24inch with brake or less. Manners MCS-T stock Templar Action Bartlien...
  17. G

    Necking down a 300wsm to a 7mm-300wsm?

    Any feedback as to some of the techniques would be greatly appreciated. I am going to be using Norma 300wsm brass, and berger 7mm 180vld. Thanks
  18. T

    FN SPR in 300wsm, opinions?

    Is any one using an FN SPR 300wsm? Optics? Mounts? How does it perform. What loads does it like best? Thanks, CLW