1. N

    Optics Looking to buy a salty set of arms 22 medium rings

    Looking to buy ARMS 30mm #22 Medium rings, saltier the better. I grabbed a set earlier this week, but one of the screw holes ended up being fully stripped…. Looking to pay around 130 if possible. Have an FDE PRI recce rail I can trade, I have an ambi PRI gas buster I can throw in as well.
  2. Mike Shoots Stuff

    WTB A.R.M.S. #7 STANAG Mount

    Looking to buy an A.R.M.S. #7 STANAG mount. They discontinued this mount. If not this mount, than a similar mount the performs the same function of mounting a STANAG scope mount to a picatinny rail will also work. Pricing can be discussed if you have a mount you want to sell. Picture below of...
  3. T

    SOLD WTS: Badger Ordnance Metal Bottoms, Scope Bases, Scope Rings, and more

    Selling a few items I no longer need. (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Detachable Magazine Triggerguard LA Win Mag, Item # 306-83 - New, Open Box Asking: $265.00 + shipping (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M4 Triggerguard SA, Item # 306-02 - Used Asking: $150.00 (SOLD) Badger Ordnance Remington SA Scope...
  4. Z

    Rifle Scopes Spindler arms SAII precision?

    Anyone have any experience with any of the spindler arms glass?
  5. V

    Opinions on the Desert Tactical Arms SRS

    I'm looking at the Desert Tactical Arms SRS. A friend of mine turned me onto it but I've never seen or had the chance to shoot one. I love what I see on the website in that they have made it very compact and light weight without sacrificing accuracy. At least they claim. I'd love to hear...
  6. B

    Patriot Arms (APA) 6.5x47L

    I had a day off of work so I thought that I'd do some load development on my new APA 6.5x47L. I'd picked up a box of 130 Bergers a few weeks ago and thought I'd give them a shot. I got up this morning and looked around on the net to see what type of powder and how much others were using. I...
  7. T

    Patriot Arms

    I picked up a rifle built by Jered and the guys at American Precision this week. Long story short, I got to shoot it yesterday. I took my dad with me. He doesn't have alot of time behind rifles. I took a few shots and sighted her in. Then I let him shoot. First shot, dead center. Second...
  8. A

    Desert Tactical Arms SRS in Las Vegas Aug 1-2!!!!

    For those who are interested in seeing the Desert Tactical Stealth Recon Scout in person I will be doing demonstrations with the rifle at the Las Vegas Gun show this next weekend (Aug 1-2). We will have lots of brochures and rifles for people to play with and dry fire. Look for us that the...
  9. Jered Joplin

    Patriot Arms / APA lead times

    I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know where we were at these days. We have been really busy and I have been really distant on this site for the most part. We have had our nose to the grind stone for the last 6 months. Our wait times on complete builds were approaching 11...
  10. Da-Law-Dawg

    Range Report Tuned 700P by LOSOK Custom Arms- range report

    Well guys, finally able to get you guys a range report. Sent a 700P to Mark Lammers of LOSOK Custom Arms to have her "tuned up" a bit last winter. Mark docked the factory tube to 20" and did a Badger FTE install for me as well. Set the shoulder and breech face back and gave her a match chamber...
  11. christian77

    Lancaster Arms AK47

    Anyone have one of these AKs and if so....thoughts? I've concluded that I should own an AK for whatever reason and this one looks decent. I don't need a thoroughbread AK since I'll probably rarely shoot it but I don't want a WASR-10 or something that'll fall apart on me either. Here is the...
  12. oneshot976

    APA (AKA: Patriot Arms) Badger M2008 update

    Well guys some of you asked for some more pics of my APA Badger M2008 .308win Here are some after it's trip back to APA for Dave to give her barrel a little "trim" to 18.5 inches and install a Surefire adapter for me. Sorry for the picture quality, I am no VTi or Lowlight when it comes...
  13. Gnab2

    Rock River Arms??

    I am looking at getting my first AR frame rifle. I am looking at the Rock River predator pursuit. What is your opinion on Rock River? I am looking at looking to spend less than $1500. Just looking for some advise. Thanks in advance!!
  14. ncyotecaller

    Arms Tech LLC Mag Xtender

    How well do these work? It looks like a low cost alternative to a high capacity mag and expensive bottom metal.
  15. C

    Photos 100 yard 5 shot groups from Nemesis Arms .308

    Finally after break in Im able to get shooting! 100 yards light breeze. Nemesis Arms .308 with Nightforce 5.5x22x56 scope Only second time out with the rifle, I feel after a few more trip to the range, this rifle will be a tack driver extreemo!
  16. oneshot976

    New APA/Patriot Arms Badger .308

    Well I got out and tested a couple of different loads today with my new APA (aka, Patriot Arms) 308win. I am very pleased with the way the rifle is shooting. It shoots about any 168grn SMK load that I put in it with great results. Specs; Badger Ordnance Short Action Schnieder USMC Spec Barrel...
  17. rsracer65

    Member Link Up MN Members 2nd Annual Bauer Arms BBQ Sat 30th

    Hey everyone, We will be hosting a BBQ here at the house this weekend the 30th, feel free to swing by and have a burger or brat and have a good time! We will have burgers, brats, dogs, & chicken along with a few types of sodas if you want to bring something to share feel free to do so! Also if...
  18. L


    Does anybody know if it is possible to use a adam arms retro gas piston system in a left hand stag arms ar? It looks as if all you need to do is change out the staked key.
  19. C

    Desert Tactical Arms SRS 338 LM

    Awesome rifle...shot one out to 1100 meters, very accurate Shot BH 300 grain Sierra MK's no problem with 8 inch gong at 475 yards...well engineered rifle
  20. N

    accurate arms powder

    For all those frustrated 4895, Varget and RL15 users who are now without, I suggest you look at AA2495, AA2520. Both powder provide good results in the 308 class of cartridges. I am told AA also makes a 4064 type powder. I loaded several thousand rounds of match 308 ammo for my M1A with 41.7...