1. L

    Rifle Scopes wannabe 11B B4 looking for scope to practice for selection

    Hey guys, ive been on a journey to get ready for sniper tryouts to get my B4 designator (National Guard) and am looking to get a scope to practice with that will be as similar to what is used on the M110 SASS. it doesn't need to be exact but I want the adjustments and reticle to be as similar as...
  2. W

    U.S. Army's Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW)

    I don't think any new details were released as it seems all the details are under NDA, but Textron did partner up with Tactical Rifleman to basically create a promo video that was released today. At least it is nice to see it in action as I believe most, if not all, of the past media on...
  3. L

    M110 place holder, and growing into a system

    Hello everyone this is my first post. I recently got a chance to work with my units (ANG) sniper section and was really interested in moving into their teams. They squared me away on literature (accuracy international, Ryan Cleckner) and told me to get as much shooting with a 308 as I can. As I...
  4. NevadaZielmeister

    Fieldcraft ACU Camouflage pattern really that bad?

    Gentlemen, I am not an "operator" or a sniper. I am a long range shooter who got a great deal on this Eberlestock Phantom pack for use in future sniper competitions. Here it is in ACU digital camp pattern on my hike today: <a...
  5. 1shot2kill

    army m24 swapping to 300 wm

    has anyone else heard anything about this? why would they make this transition i understand it wouldnt take much to switch the rifles over since they are already long actions but 308 is as accurate as anyone could ask for and considering snipers engagements are usually close the extra power...
  6. H

    Army buys rights to M4

    Anyone know anything about the US Army buying these rights to the M4 and why ?
  7. wjwill

    Army's M24...

    Does anyone have any specs to the first series of the M24 rifle? I'm thinking about building one up and would like to do an old school M24. If anyone has any info on the original M24, please share it with me. I need info such as barrel/barrel contour, action, stock, type of bedding, optics...
  8. T

    Gunsmithing 1858 Remington New Army

    Inherited Great Grandfather's pistol. He was a Hall from west central Illinois. Tended horses for Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Pistol is in pretty fair shape. I completely disassembled it for well needed and well deserved cleaning. All was well except nipples are frozen in the cylinder. Have...
  9. ranger1183

    US Army Unveils Two Lighter, More Lethal Weapons

    Laser guided smart munition rifle anyone? US Army Unveils Two Lighter, More Lethal Weapons 25mm dual warhead smart ammunition. Whats not to like?
  10. J

    Army using RND 338 semi auto on helicpoter

    Here is the link. the gun is an RND 338 semi auto. Very cool. It's on fox news and popular mechanics this month.,2933,517481,00.html
  11. ranger1183

    Range Report U.S. Army Team Tests Radical New Dimpled Bullet

    U.S. Army Team Tests Radical New Dimpled Bullet At the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, a team of ballistics technicians, supported by some of the U.S. Army’s top sniper instructors, has been...
  12. sinister

    Army experiments with new bullet jacket design
  13. C

    Fieldcraft Army Digital Camo (ACU)

    Need some info I have been testing it and it appears to work great in Urban/Desert/Rocky and some woodland. Who made it? What is it made to blend with? Please don't say everything. What is the theory behind it? Why those colors? If anyone knows the actual facts and not just personal opinion...