1. R

    Spotters Spotting Scope Setups - Show Em!

    So I just got my first tripod and I'm starting to think about putting a spotting scope system together. I've seen a few systems that have LRF/atmospheric and NVG / illuminator together. Would love to see what you guys are running for that (bonus points if it works at night)! Any discussion...
  2. S

    Accessories Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics

    Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics Used a few times. Like new condition. Comes with what is in picture including original packaging. $220 shipped
  3. B

    Kestrel 4500 NV weather meter with Horus Ballistics

    Works perfect as it should. Just don't have a need for it anymore. Has a Night vision setting to be used with NVG's. Comes with original box and paperwork. Best way to reach me is texting (405)550-7420. $250 obo
  4. ACshooting

    Comparing the .308 and the 300 Win Mag

    I am in the process of writing comparisons covering different rounds and how they perform in terms of ballistics, recoil, stopping power and more. Next to a few others I compared the .308 versus the 300 Win Mag. Covering the main aspects of both rounds, I would be interested in hearing what you...
  5. lowlight

    Drag Variability and the use of the “Axial Form Factor” 4DOF

    Drag Variability and the use of the “Axial Form Factor” in the Hornady 4DOF™ Trajectory Calculator For some time the “standard practice” within the shooting sports industry has been to use a fixed Ballistic Coefficient (BC), or drag simulation, for any given projectile. It has always been...
  6. H

    Advanced Marksmanship Shooting from a moving plattform! Maritime sniping.

    The following ballistic calculation challenge was identified during a realtime ops as a maritime sniper: Im european so sorry for the metric values, but the principle is the same, only the units is different... The following scenario takes place: you are a maritime sniper providing security...
  7. lowlight

    Window Phone Users, Coldbore is available

    Well, after a long journey ColdBore 1.0 Phone edition is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace ColdBore 1.0 | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States) Some countries will have to wait until MS updates their corresponding sites, but he program was certified to be available in...
  8. C

    Range Report Ballistics Gel GroupBuy

    Putting a group buy together for clear ballistics gel blocks. Brand new product to the market. Checkout our website below. Clear Ballistics - Ballistic Gelatin Manufacturer | Manufactures 100% clear reusable synthetic ballistic gel. We distribute to consumers, businesses, research...
  9. M

    Range Report ballistics

    Is there a web site were i can type in all my rifle and ammo info and it will give me the ballistci table
  10. C

    Range Report Moon effecting external ballistics

    Just for shits and grins, has anyone ever heard of the moon having a <span style="font-style: italic"> </span> measurable <span style="font-style: italic"> </span> effect on external ballistics in relation to it's position in orbit? A guy was fucking with me the other day and this was one of...
  11. C

    Range Report subsonic ballistics

    If you are comparing 2 different bullets that are identical in BC and Velocity (1050fps), only the weight is different, would a heavier or lighter projectile drop more within 350yds? All of my ballistic calcs say they would be the same due to B.C., but I have to think they would be different -...
  12. RobG

    Will moly make a noticeable change in ballistics

    I NEED 7mm Amaxs and can only find moly coated ones. Will these make a significant change from the standard bullet? Can the moly be removed? Thanks
  13. P

    Ballistics of 30-375 Ruger

    I remeber seein ga rifle in this round built on a suregon action. where does this round sit in comparison to the various other .30 cal's around ? What speeds would you get with 210 Bergers ?
  14. S

    N00b questions re: ballistics mil-dots Mark II

    Hello from Maine, I really enjoy reading this forum I have a Savage mark II (22lr) from Wal-Mart, the least expensive version with a synthetic stock and standard trigger (no accu-trigger). I enjoy shooting it and it's a real tack driver I just bought a "serious" scope for it (considering...
  15. rebelmatt79

    Range Report American Ballistics M118LR.

    I have yet to put a round through my Noveske N6, and had some questions for the experts. I've been researching ammo and can't seem to get away from the AB M118LR from a price standard. However, I don't want to run a VW through my Lambo if it will cause damage in the long run. Does anyone have...
  16. Mag 300

    Range Report best handheld/program4 ballistics using kestral?

    looking to get a handheld and a ballistics program to use at the range , what do you suggest??? also would like it to be aligned with Kestral so that the program , handheld uses the Kestral for easy input Handheld?????? and model program?????? and version Kestral Model??????
  17. JL

    Range Report QuickTarget Unlim. Lapua Edition ballistics FREE

    Lapua just published 100% free way to calculate top-accurate ballistics for their bullets. Quick Target Unlimited uses Doppler radar -based Cd values instead of BC -value. Program field test report in SH: Its...
  18. T

    Range Report wondering about .308 terminal ballistics...

    I was thinking about shortening the barrel on my .308, but it got me thinking about terminal ballistics. Does a .308 need a certain velocity to be effective like .223? What would be an effective range for a rifle with a 18''-20'' barrel? (I know that they are accurate out to 800+ yards)...
  19. Am180man

    Where to find ballistics data on BH Gold 168 A-max

    Does anyone know where I might locate ballistics data on Black Hills Gold 168gr A-max .308 Win Match ammo? With a 200 yd zero, what drop can I expect at say 450yds? This is through a 20" barrel. Steve
  20. H

    Android people, free ballistics is here

    The initial release of BallCalc for Android phones is out. Joshua Impson has been working hard to get this version of it out while I'm still working on the blackberry version. So, test it out. There is probably some bugs but that's where you come in. Let me know what you find and i'll pass that...