1. darth_ritis

    SOLD Nikon Black FX1000 4-16x50 MRAD

    Extra scope lying around, might as well let someone get use out of it. Excellent condition, wasn't used much but I had zero issues with it. $400 shipped UPS ground. Paypal OK.
  2. B

    WTS: Nikon Black 4K rangefinder

    Great rangefinder. Have ranged steel plates out to 1500 yards and buildings at several thousand. Works perfect. No scratches or dings. Everything comes with it as new including the box and warranty/owners manual. Asking $350 obo. Easiest way to get me is texting (405)550-7420
  3. GBMaryland

    Photos Black TRG-42 w/ Terge Cheek and Butt Spacers

    Sako TRG-42 - 10mm Terge Cheek Spacer - ~25mm Terge Butt Spacer - Near Muzzle Break - Near Single Recoil Lug 20MOA Rail (older style) - Dremel Tool Special Sun Shade Hook - Black AR Leather Service Sling - Sako TRG (new) Bi-Pod - 300WM - IOR 6x24x50 MP-8 Dot [Zeros fine and works well] (Yeah...
  4. NOMAD

    Photos IDB Black binder

    Here is a look at the new Impact Data Book binder in Black!! Wait until you see the Rifles Only Books and binders!!
  5. J

    Copycat Load 223 Black Hills 77gr smk, any data??

    was wondering who knows the load for the factory black hills 77gr 223 round. Like to know powder and how many grains, and primer. Any pet loads would be great to know for the 77gr smk. thanks ya'll
  6. J

    Black Hills 77gr WHITE box

    Gentlemen, Does anyone have experience with .223 Black Hills 77gr hollow point Match ammo. I want a Mk262 type 77gr round for a Noveske Stainless upper I have on order. I was told this is Factory reloads from once fired brass, that it is in the white box due to blemishes on the cases. Other...
  7. BigBrother

    Good replacement for Black Hills 68gr match?

    Hey all- wasn't exactly sure where this belonged, it was a toss up between exterior ballistics and rifles, since it has to do with both. I settled on this specific BH ammo a while back for competition: Out of my Bushmaster Varminter-...
  8. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Black stock refinishing (cerakote) durability

    how well does cerakote hold up on a rifle stock after it has been refinished? Has anyone ever had it actually begin to rub off? Looking to refinish my HTG stock in OD green cerakote since black isn't the greatest camouflage.
  9. Gnab2

    New to the Black Rifle world and need advice.

    I have just for a RRA Entry Tactical and I am looking for some accessories for the new Blacky. What would you advise for my new toy?? Thanks
  10. rweldon

    Do 700P triggers all come black w/ serrations/ribs

    Don't all 700P triggers, regardless of age, have the black ribbed or serrated finish. Do any of them have the new trigger that they put in Remington 700 SPS tacticals? And on the same note, are the old style 700P triggers better than the new SPS triggers? thanks
  11. jroberts

    black hills blown out primer

    the other day a buddy of mine and i were he made a shot he jumped and said something bit him on his right arm..well come to find out it was a primer that had been blown out of the case and landed on his arm...he was shooting a pof 308..all factory...the ammo was black hills 175...
  12. D

    Which 5.56 black rifle?

    I need to get myself something in 5.56/.223. It will primarily be a prairie dog and coyote gun. I want a black rifle, at least a 20 inch barrel, with accuracy being the primary concern. I would prefer to stay around that $2k or lower price range, but would still like to here all options. So far...
  13. N

    Hunting & Fishing Exotic hunting in Tx black buck my 1st

    I had an opportunity to head down to the Spanish Gourd Ranch in Bracketville Texas this past weekend with single.shot from here on the hide. Last January we were allowed to go down and harvest one doe and while I was hunting I saw a black buck and got the exotic fever and started saving pennies...
  14. C

    Pic request: FDE barreled action in black stock

    Thinking about taking the krylon to my SPS Tactical but I don't really want to paint the hogue rubber stock (doubt the paint would stick well to rubber). Was wondering if anyone out there has a FDE/sand colored barrel/action sitting in a black stock? Would love to see a pic of that combo...
  15. C

    Black Hills 308 match powder and charge weight?

    Anyone know what powder and charge weight Black Hills uses in their 308 win 168gr match rounds? My rifle likes this load but I want to load it myself. Someone help me figure this out please. Thanks
  16. C

    Black Spots On New Berger Bullets

    I opened a case today and to my surprise they are spotted with black, any ideal why?
  17. D

    Best twist for .300 WM - 190gr. Black Hills Match

    I'm putting together a rifle , using an AIC stock . I plan on using a 26" Rock Creek M-40 profile barrel . It will be threaded for the SWR OMEGA 300 muzzle can . My main load will be the Black Hills 190gr. Match , although I may handload . What's the best twist ? I've had conflicting opinions...
  18. W

    RRA Black rifle

    So I just put money down on a RRA Elite CAR A4 and the guy told me that back in November RRA stopped announcing any wait times on their rifles. At that time it was 16 weeks, has anyone recently received one and could tell me how long of a wait might I be expecting?? I'm thinking at least 5 or...
  19. D

    Black Hills 300 win mag 190 load info needed

    Does anybody know what the load is that Black Hills uses in their 190 grain match load for a 300 win mag. I figure a 190 grain Sierra Match king, their own brass and probably a powder not available to reloaders but what primer?? Federal 215 GM?? Thanks for the info if anybody knows
  20. Highground

    .338 Black Mesa

    I stopped into the local gun shop today and saw a Remington 700 chambered in .338 Black Mesa for sale. It was a custom barrel on the Rem action. Does anyone know anything about these?