1. Ocean_Dweller

    Teslong Borescope View of New Shilen Select Match Barrel

    I received my Savage Prefit .284 Win Shilen Select Match barrel today and took a video of the bore in case anyone is interested for future reference. I'm no professional, but the bore looks very good to me. I went back and forth checking the lands and grooves and couldn't find any defects worth...
  2. S

    Marks in a new Proof SS barrel?

    Saw these from my new Proof SS barrel (6 dasher Impact prefit). Is it acceptable? First Proof barrel and not sure what to expect. Never saw these from my Bartlein :(
  3. jonsc

    Accessories WTS Hawkeye Borescope

    Used but not abused Gradient lens company Hawkeye borescope. I don't have a need for it anymore so lets find a new home for it. The mag lite is not LED, but it works just fine. Comes with everything pictured. No trades. I'd like to get 400$ Shipped lower 48. . Pay Pal F&F for payment...
  4. N

    Gunsmithing Suggestions for an affordable Borescope?

    My gunsmith recently notified me that i have a big carbon ring in one of my 6.5cm match barrels. Therefore i figured that i should get a borescope so that i can keep track of my barrels health better. I would appreciate some suggestions for an affordable borescope that works well.
  5. S

    Gunsmithing Proof Research NSW Recce barrel borescope

    I purchased this barrel from Optics Planet a month ago. It has not been used yet, just had a patch run through it. I just bought a borescope and had a look inside, I was quite surprised by the finish (Below is the video). So should I be concerned about the finish of this $350 barrel or not...
  6. dukerugger25

    Gunsmithing Borescope Images - Help me identify...

    I recently purchased a Teslong Borescope and regretfully there is not a library of images on google to compare my barrels to. Please provide any and all feedback on what I am seeing in the below images. I am intentionally leaving out round counts on the barrels to not bias anyone's answers...
  7. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing $175 Borescope, any experience with ProVision?

    I was reading this article: Did a bit of research and they have a higher resolution model (PV-2636). I'm wondering if anyone has tried one of these (or similar) in a 30 cal bore. I know it isn't a Hawkeye and that you only get what you pay for...