1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Wtb- Hawkins M5 DBM SA

    Anyone got one they’re not using? Thanks 🙏
  2. F

    WTBe banned

    Go read the rules you agreed to when joining. Next time you will be banned.
  3. L

    SOLD Hawkins LA DBM Win Mag

    New. $140 shipped and insured. I take PayPal F&F.
  4. ElitePW

    Rifle Scopes Browning BAR DBM custom rails needed...

    I’m looking for a solution to mounting my scopes with BOBRO QD mounts on them to my Browning BAR MK3 DBM’s. Without realizing there’d be a problem beforehand, I purchased two of these guns for deer hunting during the day and predator hunting at night. Now I have two of the new DBM’s, but the...
  5. jonsc

    Accessories SOLD Spartan Bottom Dweller DBM M5

    Brand new never used Spartan Rifles Bottom Dweller Bottom metal for SA M5 inlet. I love this product but don't have a stock for it. I traded for it hoping to use it in a build but ended up using a chassis instead. It does't have screws or pillars with it. 220$ shipped. Pay Pal F&F or cashiers...
  6. Z

    700 5r DIY ptg inlet/ first year with 5r

    First I would like to thank everyone who participates on this site as I've used a lot of the info here for both work on this rifle and my process of getting into long range shooting. I've lurked for a while here and now am hoping I can contribute. This is my 700 5r 20" which now resides in a...
  7. P

    338 Edge bottom metal/ DBM?

    I am gathering parts for a 338 Edge build. I have the barrel and action 700 LA mag, soo I'm almost there. What bottom metal or mag set up are you guys using. I was going to just use a Wyatt box and BDL bottom metal to start. But if something else is clearly better I would go that way. Thanks Eric
  8. G

    Gunsmithing New Remington 700 SA DBM

    We are proud to introduce our new Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal. Details and an introductory price are here: These are for Remington M700 Short actions. They will come with one Accuracy International AICS magazine of your choice, or an Accurate Mag WSM magazine. Pillars and screws are also...
  9. CDiPrecision

    Gunsmithing Savage DBM.. Part Deux..

    Well, I was fooling around after getting parts to anodizer. I still have the Prototype in my rifle.. so I did a little (very little) extra work, and looks like this may be doable.. Input??.
  10. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Choate Ultimate Varmint and Badger DBM

    is it possible to drill out the trigger guard and install the badger ordnance DBM? I saw one of the rifles at one of zak smith's shoot had a detachable magazine system on it. thanks.
  11. CDiPrecision

    Gunsmithing CDIPrecision GW Savage DBM Now done.. Pic link her

  12. benchmstr

    v bull dbm for a savage...

    anybody got a link to purchase one? bench
  13. F

    Seekins DBM...

    I was looking at Seekin's site and saw the DBM, has anyone used it? Also does the mag release shorten the trigger guard and possibly make it harder to get finger on trigger when wearing gloves? I could have emailed Glen on this but really want to see pics of this setup on a rifle.
  14. eddy

    Gunsmithing hs precision dbm and trigger issue

    i had posted a recent topic about the trigger guard not fitting the new stock. well that issue is taken care of, and now i have another one. i have the hs precision dbm and after i got it to fit into the stock, i installed the action and the trigger well is too narrow, and the bolt release gets...
  15. MtnShot243

    Gunsmithing DBM for a Rem 700

    Anyone know if there has is any dbm for a Rem sa 700 223?
  16. eddy

    Gunsmithing hs precision DBM not fitting in hs precision stock

    i bought a remington 5r a while back and i wanted to change out the stock for the pst 007 and then add the hs precision DBM to it. i was hoping it would be an easy swap out, but it turned out to not be. we tried to put it all together at the same time, but the DBM would not fit into the new...
  17. Casey Simpson

    DBM for WinMod70Coyote.223cal.?

    The catch seems to be the caliber; CDI makes a DBM for the short action Mod 70, but does anyone know of a DBM for this one with mags for this caliber?
  18. J

    Gunsmithing Badger DBM Question

    From the website: <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">M5 Triggerguard The Badger BDM Triggerguard is a heavy-duty guard like our M4 but allows quick loading/unlaoding via a bullet proof 5 round magazine utilizing a time proven Paddle...
  19. POTUS12

    Gunsmithing MK V & Seekins DBM

    Does anyone know if the Lapua length DBM will work on the Weatherby MK V action? I have no idea what the spacing is on the action screws but if they match what sort of feed issues might there be?
  20. glock24

    Gunsmithing Inletting a B&C for DBM?

    Anyone know of an outfit or gunsmith out there who inlets B&C Medalist stocks for any of the popular detachable mag systems? (HS, Badger, Seekins, Surgeon). I'm interested in an inlet for the Remington 700 action. I figure with B&C's aluminum bedding block it would require more than a hand job...