1. ceruleanblue

    Philosophical rambling No 2– sets of previous reloads and their use method

    Most of us have several stacks of carefully reloaded and labeled rifle ammo that we thought was the correct ammo to reload during a brief interlude of mindlessness. Now we find that we have several loadings for a same rifle with some feature (bullet weight, OAL, powder, muzzle velocity, etc.)...
  2. W

    Affordable 308 for plinking fun?

    For those Sunday afternoon days when you're just out to have some fun and not worrying about competing or achieving record breaking accuracy, what .308 ammo brands do you use? Besides accuracy, are there any other downsides to using cheap ammo like Wolf?
  3. Therrin

    Photos Some fun pro-gun images.

    Thought some of you might enjoy these.
  4. L

    Some fun with new .22 tactical targets @ 50-100

    I've had these for a while, but haven't had the notion to try them. I put together a .22 trainer over the winter, but haven't shot it much. It's been too nice outside so I've been shooting my .308. Today I went out to try these targets, and wasn't disappointed at all in my Annie's...
  5. N

    Maggie’s Fun new fighting game

    Check this game out fight with other brutes with weapons. Pretty cool click on link and join. anyone welcome in my clan
  6. Mag 300

    Smith 41 fun pistol

    just got a smith 41 and it seems to be the perfect practice pistol accurate, good weight " not to light" Any others thoughts? Bill
  7. Spazz.

    Maggie’s Fun Game!

    Pick the Perp is a fun game where you try and pick the proper perp out of a lineup! This game may make you feel racist.
  8. A

    Weekend fun with my Barrett M82CQ pics and video:)

    Took out the Barrett M82 CQ this weekend for some fun. The range i went to only had a 100yard range but i decided to do some controlled shots and also some rapid fire shots to explore the our limitations combined. I was quite impressed actually. All the talk about how the M82 is not "accurate"...
  9. T

    Suppressors this looks like fun....

    kinda makes me want to gu hunting with this thing..
  10. gonzalez4570

    Maggie’s fun at the range (pics) thread

  11. Switchblade

    Suppressors Mossberg looks like fun

    This just looks like plain fun! Their new tactical hardware(Special Purpose) looks to be pretty nice
  12. ub in ne

    Maggie’s fun game

    sorry if repeat Kirk