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  1. HPLLC

    Griffin Armament NTOA Approved Products-

    We sent a few of our products to the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) for testing and approval last year. Our M4SD II flash Comp rated a perfect 5 with multiple evaluators and received the NTOA Gold seal of approval. As far as I know that might be the second product ever to...
  2. beenjammin

    rcbs gold medal dies or redding competiton dies

    between the two dies esp.the seater dies. has anyone had any troble out of the rcbs. I like the ide of putting the bullet in the window of the rcbs, but at the same time does that window interfere with assuring proper alignment. Also since they are both bushings dies, are the rcbs and redding...
  3. Kogapsp

    I got ripped off on gold match ammo

    60 bucks did I pay to much!!! Just teasing.... I found this among stepdad's stuff More will be posted
  4. 1

    Photos My Gold Cup

    Quick follow ups but it lights up the night.
  5. A

    Rifle Scopes Nikon Monarch Gold Laser Range Finder

    Hey guys, Has anyone had any experience with the Nikon Monarch Gold Laser Range Finders? I have had a look at one in a gun shop and it functioned very well. It wasn't as clear as the Swarovski, but ranged a lot quicker, was smaller, and much much cheaper. Has anyone had any field experience...
  6. T

    Rifle Scopes US Optics Spotter vrs. Leupold Gold Ring

    I have a Leupold Gold Ring spotter and I'm just not impressed. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Has anyone viewed the Leupold and the US spotter side-by-side? Is there a big difference in clarity, etc. at say 300-800 yards?
  7. Am180man

    Where to find ballistics data on BH Gold 168 A-max

    Does anyone know where I might locate ballistics data on Black Hills Gold 168gr A-max .308 Win Match ammo? With a 200 yd zero, what drop can I expect at say 450yds? This is through a 20" barrel. Steve
  8. S

    Rifle Scopes Is Monarch Gold worth the extra money?

    Is the Nikon Monarch Gold worth the extra money over the standard Monarch?
  9. Highground

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Gold Ring HD or Steiner Predator C5?

    Which do you recommend? They seem to run about the same price.
  10. Highground

    Range Report .308 Federal 168gr Gold Medal or 150gr NBT?

    I have a local source for Federal .308 ammo. They have 150gr. TRU Nosler Ballistic Tip in stock. I can get 168.gr Gold Medal Sierra MK for the same price, however they recently sold out and have some on order(so Ireserved a case). For a Rem 700 5R Milspec, should I hold my breath and wait for...
  11. Emilio

    Movie Theater More Youtube gold

    This is for a cartoon called Cat Shit 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr4QBZfjtqs
  12. S


    I have FN A3G. it is spect. with FGMM 168gr. ammo. it will shoot .25 and under @ 100yrds.with the FGMM does any one have a load that duplicates the factory 168gr. FGMM? if not does any one have a load that is close to factory FGMM?
  13. O

    AR 15 PACT Gold Trigger update

    Horay! It finally arrived and IMO it was worth the wait. Very high quality fit and finish. Crisp as a glass rod breaking. Not cheap but a quality product if you have a super accurate AR 15 you wish to upgrade.
  14. B

    RCBS Gold Medal Match Series Bushing N/S Die

    Anyone got experience in using this die and what's the benefits compared to a regular NS die (not from the advertisement but from the real life as a reloader )
  15. bhoges

    Suppressors Whats a good 22 conversion for my 1911 Kimber Gold

    Whose got the most reliable one out there? Ive seen the Kimber and Tac Solutions kits. I want one that wont jam. Im I better off just buying a 22 pistol? Thanks
  16. O

    Gunsmithing PACT AR15 Gold Trigger, what is the fing problem?

    I have had this on order for over TWO months. Every time I call I get some BS about "waiting for forgings". What a way to run a business, take your money and just string you out with promises. Anyone else getting this BS runaround?
  17. sr15match

    Federal Gold 711B and 719 questions

    OK. I am trying to help out my son and need a little assistance. As I am not home to have hands on help I am doing it via phone and email. He is shooting a Marlin 880SQ @ 50 yards on paper from a rest and 100 yard steel off hand but hasn't had a lot of time to try different ammo options. I...