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  1. perazzisc3

    Loads for 52gr match hpbt 223

    what are your pet loads for a 20" heavy 1:12 twist barrel using a 223 52gr match HPBT bullet.
  2. cj1026

    69gr HPBT SMK & RL15

    Guys I have been experimenting with some 69gr rounds and RL15. I'm shooting a 16", 1-7 twist, 5.56 chamber, free float AR. I've loaded 23, 23.5, 24, and 24.5g into Federal brass, sized and trimmed with CCI 400 primers. 24 grains got me 2552 fps with about 1" groups. 24.5 got me 2629 fps with...
  3. N

    .223 load data for 75 gr. HPBT using Reloader-15

    Would some of you share some load data from your loading manuals (other than Lee - I have that one) for a 75 gr. jacketed bullet (Horn. 75 gr HPBT) using Reloader-15 powder? The Hornady manual doesn't show and loads for that bullet using Re-15. Just wondering what else may be specified other...
  4. Tactical30

    who makes a 62gr. HPBT Match/ Reloading use

    I get sub-moa down to 1/4" groups at 100yrds all day with a Remington 62gr Premier Match ammo in my AR-15(custom built). I am new to reloading and am trying to find a 62gr Match HP bullet I can use for reloading. I cant seem to find any manufacturers that make them. It shoots 52gr.factory ammo...
  5. Cheech

    Sierra HPBT .224 MK 90 gr.

    http://www.sierrabullets.com/index.cfm?s...mp;bullettype=0 Any one useing these? if so what speeds and accuracy are you getting? I contacted Sierra and asked about anyone factory loading it and they said no one was. Thanks
  6. E

    Reloading Info, 69gr HPBT Nosler

    Does anyone have any experience with this bullet? I'll be shooting them through my 20" Colt heavy barreled AR15. I would like to run RL-15 in them because Im using that powder to load .308 as well so I have a bunch of it. There is a load for it in the Nosler book, but was wondering what you...
  7. T

    Sierra 168 "International" HPBT

    I recently got 800 sierra 168gr HPBT from a friend. All the boxes are marked 168 INTERNATIONAL. They have the normal sierra number for the 168 HPBT (2200) and look the same as current 168s. They are obviously older from the boxes but otherwise are they the same as the current stuff?? Thanks...
  8. cj1026

    .224 SMK 69gr HPBT

    Hey guys I am looking for a round for the AR with a little more punch. I have a 1 in 7 twist 16" barrel. What do you guys think of SMK 69gr HPBT? Good, bad, indifferent?
  9. M

    .308 Sierra 155 gr HPBT Palma Matchking

    The Sierra site says B.C. is .504 @2700+fps. Just wandering if anyone has tested and found this b.c. accurate? Didn't find much using search.
  10. M

    Norma 200 gr HPBT Bullets

    These any good? Will be shooting them out of a 26in, 1 in 10 twist 300WM. Shot the 210smk's great but found a good price on these(Or what I think is a good price). About $19.00 per hundred. Thanks for any input. Jeremy
  11. USMCj

    Anyone try NOSLER Custom Comp 175gr HPBT?

    I know that Nosler Custom Comp bullets are copies of SMK's but they are also cheaper, so I was wondering if anyone had tried the 175gr pills out of their precision rig and how they compared to SMK's.
  12. T

    69 gr. SMK HPBT need load!

    It's for my Remington police tactical 223. 1/9 twist. I'm looking for a target load for use at a 100 yards. I can shoot a one inch group at a hundred yards with factory ammo but i think i can do better. thanks for the help.