1. B

    Rifle Scopes IOR 10 X 56

    Anybody have any experience with them? How do they compare to the USO ST-10 especially in low light? Thanks for the info - Brandon
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes Opinions: IOR 2.5-10x42 FFP, MP8. lit, mil/mil

    I've owned IORs before and sometimes had problems but had good customer service. I haven't owned one for a few years and LOTS of new designs and scopes have come out since and more and more folks have gotten on the bandwagon. I'm considering purchasing one of the 2.5-10x42 scopes with the lit...
  3. LoneWolfUSMC

    Rifle Scopes IOR 3-18x42 SH Reticle Image

    Does anyone have a image through this scope on 3x? Thanks.
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes IOR 2.5x10 x42 FFP?

    I have an IOR 2.5x10x42 non-illuminated with the mp8 reticle and FFP. I am going to be putting this in the for sale section and just wanted to make sure that my price wasn't out of line. it is in good condition with slight ring marks. I was planning on asking 675 plus shipping because thats what...
  5. A

    Rifle Scopes AR15-SPR : IOR vs IOR, or other options

    Considered a newbie in riflescope applications; I have an on-going AR-15 SPR-18" build. Most shooting will be on square range, with occasional off-range ones. Range is between 50-500y. I'm leaning on getting a reticle with BDC capability. <span style="font-style: italic">I have an IOR...
  6. C

    Rifle Scopes 3-18x42 FFP Sniper's Hide Edition IOR

    Can anyone that owns and shoots with this scope tell me a few things about it?Eye relief I hear is a problem-how does the glass compare with other top dog scopes such as USO-S&B and the likes-just wanted to know before I buy a US Optics.thanks, cliff5080
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes IOR 6-24x50, Dead

    Side focus, non-illuminated, MP-8, 30mm tube; purchased in '03 and died with a life of around 89rds of .338 Lapua ammo sitting on top of a AR-30M. Lost focus after the each of the last two rounds and then lost ability to change power, everything is just blurred. Kinda disapointed as I had 80...