1. Hoax001

    Barrett MRAD Factory loads

    Anyone have some suggestions on factory loads for the MRAD? I will be testing my new rifle and posting data and velocities after I get a chance to take her out. I am starting with 6.5 CM and the .300 NM. Any caliber/ barrel combination would be most appreciated.
  2. LRAddict13

    223 Remington Bolt action 75gr to 88gr loads

    Part I I decided to write this article to give other my findings on 223 Remington bolt action load data for bullets 75gr and higher. I was having trouble in the past finding starting loads to work with so I decided to do it myself. PLEASE TAKE CAUTION WHEN REPLICATING THESE LOADS!!! THIS IS...
  3. A

    Light primer strikes with crater?

    At the range today, I noticed quite a few of my fired cartridges had these light (ish) primer strikes with craters. I’m using a howa 1500 in 6mm CM and using Starline small primer brass, Winchester small primers and Hybrid 100V, slightly higher than medium charges. The pic has what looks to be...
  4. M

    243 Win. Loads

    I am looking for some advice on loads for my new 243 Win. I would like to shoot 105s, maybe 115 if my 8 twist will stabilize that bullet. Figuring on probably shooting the 105 VLDs. Any reloading experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. F

    Hmmm.... M80 pull down brass from GRAFs

    Looking at picking up some more brass and this came across my radar. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/26972 Thoughts? Sure its using mil spec primers, but, can't be that far off for what I need. (1MOA or less) I might try sorting brass on weight to see if matters.
  6. M_16_4_REAL

    Anyone Have 155 SMK Palma Loads They Feel Like Sharing?

    bought some 155 palmas from another member here and just want to get an idea of what other guys are using. will be shooting 550-900 yards. stick: rem 700 aac .308 20" 1-10 components: fed brass cci 200 powder choices: 1. imr-4064 (have 24lbs prefer to use this powder) 2. blc-2 3...
  7. blackraven1079

    Compressed loads advice please

    Looking to load the Hornady 110 vmax in my .308 AE 24 inch barrel. I've just started to explore Quickload (computer program), am i right in thinking 47 grains of IMR4895 is good starting load? I've even filled the case with water and inputted that into QL to give myself the best chance of...
  8. M

    16" 1-7 AR15 loads

    Ive searched so much ive got information overload.... My rifle (AR15) is a Kreiger 1-7 16" 4 groove barrel with Compass Lakes match chamber. With SMK impossible to find, I settled on 60gr Hornady VMax bullets for Coyotes. Ive read everything from H4895, Varget compressed loads), Benchmark...
  9. perazzisc3

    Loads for 52gr match hpbt 223

    what are your pet loads for a 20" heavy 1:12 twist barrel using a 223 52gr match HPBT bullet.
  10. kcshooter

    gap ar-10 260 remington loads

    I am about ready to load for my 260. I have 139 grain lapua scenar bullets and h4350 powder with cci br2 primers. The gun is a gap ar-10 with a 1-8.5 twist 22" bartlein barrel. What would be a good starting load? Thank you in advance.
  11. H

    Starter loads for Desert tactical 308 and 338?

    I know each rifle is unique. That said, I am wanting to get a few rounds loaded for my 338 conversion that is supposed to be here next week. Can any of you guys give me some loads that have worked well for your 338 SRS? I just want to have 50 or so rounds ready to start load development when I...
  12. kcshooter

    260 remington loads with re-15

    Does anyone have any 260 loads that they use re-15 with.
  13. Grand

    AR 15 Loads 55g SP's

    I need to work up some loads for my AR15 M-4, 1-9T. I have a pile of 55g SP bullets on hand for plinking loads, R-P commercial brass and almost any primer and powder you can think of. I've loaded plenty of .223's for a bolt gun, but never for an AR, and nver such a short barrel. Does...
  14. B

    6 MM Dasher Loads

    My new 6 Dasher came home this week, did it on the cheap by rebarreling a Remington PSS .308. Specs are: Bartlien 6mm 24" barrel Holland recoil lug Trued action Threaded 5/8 X 24 Bushed boltface and grind firing pin to .060 Have shot a few groups using fire forming loads of 30.5 gr. RL-15...
  15. Sumpter Steve

    Your best .338LM loads.

    Please share them with me. I've decided to have GAP build me a .338 and now I'm trying to round up some components for reloading. Your recipe's will be appreciated. Steve.
  16. I

    Loads for the 450 Dakota

    Hello, I'm new to snipers hide, and was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the 450 Dakota. I'm building one off of a ruger #1. I'm curious about load data and accuracy at longer ranges.
  17. Mag 300

    starting loads dimensions for 375 Chey tac

    looking for a recommended load for a new "to me " 375 Cheytac. are you loading to the lands .010 off , jamming etc also a good load for a 600 yd zero I have 350 smk and the 333 leigh projectiles also two star Jammison brass Thanks Bill
  18. hueys66

    260 Loads Only

    How about just a 260 thread? Be thorough on data.
  19. Pusher591

    .308 Ammo/Diffirent Grains & Loads

    Just a question. Are 155 Scenars the same as 155 match loads, as far as length and dimensions. Will any .308 fire the 155 scenars or does your rifle have to be chambered for it. The same goes for 175 bergers? Is it the same as a 175 grain match round? If not the same please explain.
  20. N

    Post some loads for the AI AW

    With any bullet and powder!!! ONLY LOADS FOR THE AI AW!!!