1. DHanz

    Sako TRG-22 Loads?

    I've been trying to creep up on max loading 175SMKs and it's been a long creep. I guess because I'm able to load the OAL so long that it's a bit different than my other rifles. I tried the search but didn't dig anything up. Anyone care to share what they are using?
  2. Moof

    .204 loads needed for AR's

    I bought me a DPMS .204 bout a year ago and now wantin to start tryin some loads through it. It's a 24 inch tube with a 1-12 twist. Like to push some 32gr. out of it. Anyone have any loads that I could start with and try?
  3. L

    Compressed loads

    Does the compression of powder alter the chemical composition of the powder? In other words does a compressed load differ from a non- compressed load?
  4. beretta989

    Small pistol primers in 223 subsonic loads

    Has anyone tried using small pistol primers in 223 subsonic loads. I know they are not as heavey duty as the rifle primers and can't take the high pressure loads. But just wondering if they would work in sub sonic loads.
  5. S

    Gallery Loads

    I've been quite happy with squib loads for my indoor shooting range with .30-06 and .308 using very small charges (like about 2.0 grains) of Bulls Eye with 100 grain cast bullets. But has anyone developed one for the .45 acp? Thought I would ask before re-inventing the wheel. Noise is an issue...
  6. V

    7WSM Loads

    I just started loading for for my new 7WSM and need some starters for the 180 Bergers does anyone have some pet loads with this bullet?
  7. The Mechanic

    .50DTC loads Pic Heavy!!!

    Is a repost of this but since It was reloading I thought I would give it another go. http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1162788#Post1162788 Finally got out this weekend for some shooting and was able to get some trigger time as apposed to loading a helping...
  8. BgBmBoo

    MORE INPUT PLEASE on my .223 loads

    Hi gang. Ok...a few more questions from the newbie reloading. I followed the advice of the last few of you who gave me some input and now have a few more questions. Ok...I have been working on a load for my .223 bolt gun (Tikka T3 Lite 1:8 barrel). I use it for coyote hunting with some paper...
  9. S

    9mm carbine loads

    Just got a 9mm AR upper and was hunting around looking for a good load. I would like to hear what you guys are using...please include muzzle velocities if you have them. Thanks, Craig
  10. S

    Hunting Loads - .280AI

    Looking for any advice on loading a .280AI for Berger VLD in 140gr, or any other bullets suitable for hunting Thanks
  11. B

    Best loads for 308 win

    I am new to reloading and am looking for the best loads to start shooting. I have a Remington 5R .308 Win, and will be shooting 200-600yds. Looking for some good starting loads with different powders/bullets/brass to work with
  12. K

    blue dot 223 loads

    I've tried the search, and cannot find a posting from a good while back giving several bullets and blue dot loads with velocities, etc. Can you help?
  13. D

    Looking for pet loads for a DPMS 243 in 10 twist

    Before the search NAZI's say a word I did and came up empty . As for the rest much more helpful and pleasent members of this forum I just purchased a 243 DPMS upper that should be here by the weeks end. I've not loaded this cal for a gas gun and am heavy on bullets in the 66 to 87 grain area...
  14. turtlesniper

    m1a loads

    i am about to acquire an m1a set up to nm specs and was trying to get info on known performance loads and also see if varget and 175smk would work well in an m1a
  15. T

    30-06 loads much slower than expected

    I'm getting much lower velocities for my 30-06 loads than I expected based on published data. I'm loading for a WWII Garand, and a Remington 1917 (1917 Enfield). The 1917 has been sporterized, but I think it is still the original barrel, which is 26 inches. Components with all loads was Lake...
  16. C

    Need Loads for GAP 338 Lapua Mag

    Does anyone have any Loads that will shoot consistant 1/2" MOA groups. I am currently using 250gr and 300gr sierra mks while i am waiting on berger to get their 300gr vlds kicked out. I would appriciate all the help i can get. thanks
  17. MrMike

    Shot my first hand loads today.

    .308 SPS Tact. 20" barrel 1:12 twist rem brass CCI 200LR primers IMR 3031 (for now, it was available) Sierra 168 gr HPBT 2.800 OAL in a 2.980 COAL I worked up a load using an OCW method. The particular method I chose started loads at 10% below max working up 1% at a time until max is reached...
  18. S

    223AI/TAC loads

    I was lucky enough to come up on VERY good deal on two #8 kegs of Tac. Any data to share? Plannig on runnig it with 75 Amax and 77 SMKs. I have formed Win and Lapua brass.
  19. M

    match loads from surplus battle packs?

    hey yall, very new to reloading have a lot of questions but heres one. since components seem like a myth lately thanks to darkness, it ocurred to me that if one were so inclined they may be able to bullet pull some surplus NATO type rounds and reload with a 175 SMK for an improvised "m118 lr"...
  20. J

    30-06 loads

    I hunt With factory Remington 150 grain cor locked ammo and it groups really well clover leaf at 100 yds. Can anyone help with load simular to the factory stuff I am having a hard time finding it?