1. C

    Compressed Loads

    Exactly what effect does this have on the case and the bullet? The reason I ask is, because I just loaded some 155 Lapua Scenars with 45.8 grains of Varget, you could feel the slight resistance and hear the faint sound of the powder being compressed. It was my understanding that 47.0 grains...
  2. assistancefromadistance

    Subsonic 260 rem Loads?

    I was looking to put a can on the old 260 rem, but not real sure if the load data is out there? any help?
  3. flyboy

    Loads for 270win

    Nosler Brass Burger 150gr VLD's H1000 - 56.5gr CCI 250's OAL 3.445" makes this a single shot rifle as they willnot fit in my mag Using a Caldwell leadsled, I've seen an average of .65" five shot groups using a worked remmy 710.
  4. hwtsauer

    Low Recoil 308 loads, need help

    I got my girl a Rem 700 SPS with the 20in barrel for Xmas. However she is recoil sensitive, so I was hoping to find data for a 168gr Amax that is low recoil, but that will stay supersonic to 1000yrds. And hopefully shoot well at that ditance. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. Pittman


    I have just recently had a 308 GAP AR-10 built by gap. Specs are: 24" Bartlein 1/11.25 twist with badger break Daniel defense handgaurd Dpms upper and lower Magpul PRS Stock I have been running several handloads in this rifle and they have been shooting decent. I have run 43.5g IMR 4064, 210...
  6. H

    .260 remington --130 gr Berger starting loads???

    i have some 6.5 Berger 130 gr VLDs. can't seem to find any data for the starting loads for a .260 Remington 1 in 9 twist. I've sent the folks @ Berger an e-mail but no response yet. can someone point me in the right direction thanks
  7. onechance

    Lapua 155 gr. Scenar loads

    Does anyone us VihtaVuori powder in their Lapua 155 gr. Scenar loads? I have a 1 in 12" twist with a 24" barrel. Doug
  8. T

    Loads for .260 /.243/ 6.5x47/6.5 Creedmoor

    The .308 thread is working well.........let's go with the popular calibers, what say?. Post em' here. Make sure you post ALL data....like the .308 guidelines. Thanks!. <span style="font-weight: bold">PLEASE DESIGNATE LOADS FOR .243's, and 6.5x47's!</span>