1. tag_heuer

    Marking Your 80% lowers

    I just build my first 80% LR 308 lower. What I want to know is anyone putting a personal serial number on theirs or some other kind of marking or are you just leaving it completely blank? I know currently you're not required with the 80%ers, but I'm worried if it ever was to be stolen, being...
  2. lowlight

    Area53 Limited Edition Sniper's Hide Lowers

    Limited Edition Area53 Sniper's Hide Lowers This lower is being released in very limited quantities and can be personalized with your "Handle" or a name that you specify during checkout. Each Sniper's Hide Lower Receiver will be custom engraved and delivered to your dealer approximately 3...
  3. Hasgun Willtravel

    Fulton AR Lowers Any good?

    I have the chance to pick one up for $150, are they worth building a m4rgery out of?
  4. B

    SEEKINS Lowers?????

    OK, to those who have ordered the new Seekins lowers; what are you using to make them work?? Uppers, triggers, stocks, grips, etc. How are you going to "customize" yours? Actually, I'm looking at buying/building an AR and have no idea what I would need if I bought one of Glen's new...
  5. BWYoda

    POF Billet Lowers

    I'm looking at a POF 413 billet lower for a Noveske upper SPR build. I'll be using PMags and have heard that they won't drop free with some manufacturer's lowers. Has anyone experienced this with a POF Lower? What other recommendations would you have instead of POF?
  6. canuck

    IRA Lowers Technical Question

    I have a functional question regarding the IRA .308 lowers: On the website, they list two different specs for the lower - one for the Armalite system and one for the DPMS system. Prices are comparable, and I've heard fantastic endorsements of the product. My query goes to the differences...
  7. mtm87tx

    noveske lowers at Cold war shooters for 299

    if anyone has a strange desire to buy a stripped noveske lower from cold war shooters at a price of 299 they show to have them i bought one and paid the price to have a matching receiver to my upper, this one is getting SBR'd
  8. GasLight

    Got my lowers in today! Thanks IRA!!

    Well, great service and a great looking lower from IRA! Here are a couple pictures of mine:
  9. C

    Iron Ridge lowers

    Just wanted to let you guys know that since Eric Holders intentions of implementing the Assault wheapons ban, Oliver at Iron Ridge is planning on running 24hrs a day on just lowers for right now. These lowers are for either DPMS or Armalite. I think these are the best looking lowers made. Also...
  10. J

    Iron Ridge Arms .308 lowers...

    This is their first run and boy does it look great. Have anyone received one of their Armalite lowers yet? Now we have been called the "guinea pigs" for their prototype... Now usually being a guinea pig is not a good thing... Dave mentioned they may have to adjust this or that by 10,000ths...