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    Crossfire Conversation Ep 5: Balancing the Rifle

    Episode 5, Balancing the Rifle is Up Check out the latest video
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    Accuracy International AX 224V is A L I V E

    It's A L I V E !!!! IT'S ALIVE... As noted just a few short weeks ago, I took possession of a 6.8 Bolt Head for an AI Bolt. First job, source the bolt body and then swap the heads out ... That complete I grabbed a Proof Steel barrel from MHSA and Adam went to work spinning up...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Crossfire Ep 1: Picking a Tripod

    Welcome to Crossfire with Chris and Frank Part of this will lead into the Livestream stuff I am working on, but here are some produced videos to help answers some of the more common questions we get. In this first episode Chris and I talk tripods and how we look at the tripods. We are...
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    New Episode with Ted AKA Jackmaster

    https://theeverydaysniper.podbean.com/e/everyday-sniper-podcast-knowledge-bomb-edition-ted-hoeger-day-zero/ Ted Hoeger and I talk about Stocks Calibers Triggers Scopes Software Ballistic Considerations We really deep dive with the buying decisions. I zoomed this call and it's a big...
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    Do I need it, Taco Tuesday Drinking Game

    So everyone has been indoctrinated into the idea you need a level to succeed. Especially when shooting inside a 1000 yards on relatively flat surfaces, especially resting the rifle on a sand bag where gravity actually gives you a hand. So we were playing around at the range yesterday, we were...
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    Advanced Marksmanship The Measure of a Man and His Rifle

    So in the "Precision AR" thread, it was discussed that in order to gauge a rifle and shooter you need a 20 shot group? I get this argument goes back 100 years as people always want more. But if we go back in time when Sniper's Hide was in its infancy, I tried enacting a 5 shot minimum on...
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    Kraft Data Driven Training: Try This

    Sniper's Hide and Chris Way of Kraft are partnering up to collect some data from Shooters. Chris is a very data-driven shooter, he is a competitive shooter and loves to analyze data. He Krafted a precision rifle course of fire designed to be shot at 100 yards and collect data from multiple...
  8. ETXbeginner

    Rifle Scopes Hunting Scope suggestions

    I’m new to decent glass, so far all I’ve got is a Razor Gen 2, and PST Gen 2. I have a Trijicon Credo HX 2.5-10X56 but haven’t convinced myself I like it enough to use on my new hunting rig. Recently picked up a Bergara Wilderness SP in 6.5 cm. Hunting will always be done from a blind, and shot...
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    Group Buys Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    Prime Ammo Group Buy #2 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Group Purchase Details: https://www.primeammo.com/group-purchase.html Minimum order is one case of 200 rounds with a maximum order limit of 2,000 rounds For this group purchase, a minimum 50,000 rounds must be purchased by the group...
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    Gunsmithing Bartlein Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel - Video

    Here is the video of the new Bartlein Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrel, Really awesome results with the new Prime 6CM Ammo, shooting the 115gr RDF at 2970fps with an SD of 13.0fps Enjoy
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    Project Black Tactical Respirators

    Project Black Guys, using a mask or respirator with a rifle has certain limitations. Being able to get the proper cheek weld and eye relief being the top two. Project Black is releasing new masks for the modern shooter. Project Black TR2 Spec Sheet FIRING RANGE: Aerosolized Lead BREACH...
  12. M

    I really like the new look of the website.

    Howdy! from Quebec City, Canada. I joined sniper's hide a while ago but never went as far as completing my new member introduction. Taking advantage of a snowy day, I guess it's time to remedy to that little glitch since I've been searching for a lot of informations on your website. I've...
  13. AK PR Training

    AK PR Training

  14. Level's aren't Always Level

    Level's aren't Always Level

    Out of Spec Levels
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    Okay, I have been using the TRIGGERCAM since it arrived in the USA, and here is a quick video on it, Pros: Single unit, no cage set up Solid Construction Easy Operation Video Quality is Good Manual Focus Both Internal and External Recording Cons Apps can be buggy Ocular is small...
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    Gunsmithing SH Visits Bartlein Barrels, Part Two: Rifling Machines

    Here is part two of our multi part interview and look at Bartlein Barrels, They let SH go behind the scenes and actually document their barrel making process. This includes looking at the machines and the programs that control the rifling. Bartlein Barrels Rifling Machine - YouTube Enjoy,
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    Gunsmithing Sniper's Hide visits Bartlein Barrels Part One: Barrel Break In

    Last week, we were given exclusive behind the scenes access at Bartlein Barrels. We traveled north with George Gardner and spent the better part of the week inside the Bartlein Barrel Shop getting an in-depth education on their processes, what they do to put the magic in. Tracy Bartlein & Co...
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    My Political Post, (after which I will ban myself)

    Rocky Mountain Gun Owners giving away a Barrett M82A1 complete package... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/VqDsqA4kxdY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Home - Colorado's No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization - Rocky Mountain Gun Owners...
  19. Desert_Racer

    JP LMOS - Why only Competition Use?

    Does anyone have any insight as to why JP's Low Mass Operating System (LMOS) is recommended only for competition use? My assumption would be that its lighter weight would not make it want to cycle as reliably in harsh and dirty conditions as compared to a full mass BCG and full power buffer...
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    Sniper’s Hide Cup 2014 Sniper's Hide Cup UPDATE ! 3/8/14

    Howdy Folks, Just wanted to give you an update for the CUP as many of you have already registered. We still have slots left as we are able to accommodate a lot of people, so if you know someone looking to attend, tell them to sign up. We are accepting all shooters between now and May 1st...