1. N

    Gunsmithing Where can I buy the same paint Mcmillan uses?

    Where can I buy the same paint Mcmillan uses to paint their stocks, I am looking for the polyurethane pebble finish.
  2. I

    Gunsmithing rear rail for McMillan A4 stock

    I'm considering getting an monopod for the rear of my A4 stock. Any recommendations for a compatible rail and has anyone done this? Thanks.
  3. M

    McMillan HTG or HTG adjustable?

    I am building a 700 in .30-06. I will use it about 50% hunting and 50% on the 1000 yard line. (I mainly shoot my .308 at 1K) I am using a scope with a 42mm objective. Is the HTG going to work for this rifle or is there a reason I would need the HTG? (On a side note, my .308 is an A5 without...
  4. K

    Gunsmithing McMillan HTG / Wichita Sling Swivel Question

    I have a McMillan HTG stock that's factory equipped with Wichita sling swivels. My question is, can I replace the Wichita's with regular sling studs?
  5. C

    SPS-V: AICS or McRee v. McMillan

    I've got an SPS Varmint action in 243 that needs a new stock. I can find a McM A-5 or A3-5 inletted and ready to go for $775 or so. That's using Remmy bottom metal and no bedding. I can get a McRee or AICS 1.5 for something like $800 and not need bedding and get a DM system setup. I like the...
  6. F

    Gunsmithing McMillan Decelerator

    Hey Guys, Could anyone tell me how to remove the Decelerator Pad on a McMillan A4 stock? Thanks, Floyd
  7. 4

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan HTG stock bedding

    I am planning to switch the stock on my PSS to Mcmillan HTG stock soon. Does this stock need to be bedded to get the most out? or can i just use it out of the box? Thanks for your help. 45
  8. malaga2

    Photos Steyr SSG McMillan

    Here are two... one SSG P2K and one PII that has been cut to 21"...
  9. S

    McMillan cost

    Just to make sure I'm reading their website right I wanted to check with those that have been there, done that. I'm looking at an A3 or A5 stock with adjustable cheekpiece, light fill. I'd have them inlet it for a Seekins BM and be using a TAC30 action. I would not have them do the bedding...
  10. M

    JAE or McMillan for M1a

    I am building an M1a and am wondering what stock to get. the McMillian is lots less expensive. Can the JAE stock deliver the accuracy that a McMillan stock that is bedded can? Which would you choose and why?
  11. trpr154

    Gap (Mcmillan stock painting)

    I talked with GAP today about painting a Mcmillan stock for me. They were glad to do it, and the price seemed reasonalble. I forgot to ask them about their painting process. I know a lot of folks here on the Hide have GAP painted stocks/rifles. 1. How well are they holding up? 2. What...
  12. ker2222

    weight differences: Manners vs McMillan

    I know this goes against the goals of many.....but I am actually looking for a heavy stock....especially in the butt ( ) If going with their heaviest fill and putting an integral adjustable cheekpiece on there much of a difference between a McmIllan A-5 and Manners T4
  13. S

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan stock question

    I just bought a new Mcmillan f-class stock from brunos. the stock will need a recoil pad and a clear coat finish. I need to know how to prep the surface for a clear coat and also if it is ok to cut the stock of square for recoil pad installation. I dont know if i cut the stock if the gel coat...
  14. OFIS

    Gunsmithing mcmillan order virgin

    ordering my first mcmillan... im having them inlet for my williams old style floorplate, and they asked me to send it in for correct fit, im also wondering if i should get them to install pillars or if thats something i can do when bedding? im also trusting that flush cups are the way to go...
  15. Kaisersose

    McMillan Tac-308??

    I am looking at one of these used and was wondering if anybody new any thing about them? I have not had any experience with them and have been unable to find any info. from searches other than McMillan's website. Thanks
  16. D

    Pre-64 Win 70 Action In McMillan HTG Stock

    Does anyone know if the pre-64 Win Model 70 action will fit and could be ordered in the McMillan HTG stock? I'm curious if anyone has done it. I'm looking to build a rifle based on an action that I have. I would use a barrel contour similar to the Rem varmint contour. Any other suggestions...
  17. J

    McMillan guys help me out

    I can't for the life of me decide A-4 or A-2? I have a A-5 alreay and it's ok but the grip doesn't fit my hand perfect and I would like to try something else. I like the but hook on the A-5 so I was leaning towards the A-4 but I keep going back to the A-2. This will be going on a .338 Edge...
  18. V

    Is this typical for McMillan?

    Just got my A5 stock today and was all excited, wasn't expecting it until next month. I slapped on the action just to see how it fits and started to close the bolt when I notice the back side was touching the stock. Did you guys experience this with yours? I'm sure a little sanding will take...
  19. J

    AICS 1.5 VS Mcmillan A5 adj.

    Is there a difference in accuracy between a custom build being done on an AICS vs. an A5? Or is the difference ergonomics and end user preference? Thanks, Jack
  20. S

    Mcmillan A5 with a AICS bottom metal??

    What are the thoughts of the AICS bottom metal on a Mcmillan A5? Thanks Lee