1. C

    Advanced Marksmanship How many people here "snap in"?

    So how many snap in? Or practice on a 1000 inch range? Its a holdover from my USMC days..."Snap in", "Snappin In" slow steady dry fire to perfect/hone the basics...the week before every Marine goes to the range for "qual" they spend a week or so with mandatory practice, usually on a 55 gal...
  2. D

    Well you Quad people made me do it.

    I'm blaming all you Quaders on the fact I was forced to buy two 17 HM2's today. If you hadn't posted those damn pictures I'd never have done it, LOL. So it's all your fault I take no responsibility at all. Sounds like I'm ready to be a politician, scary. So what now? One is to become a...
  3. earthquake

    Member Link Up Colorado: Places to Shoot, People to Shoot With

    Edit:: I moved away from Colorado in summer 2014. So I've been in CO for 5 years now and have never shot here, except for the range in Cherry Creek and out at Dumont (but that was work related). I'm interested in finding some place to shoot, at least to 500 yards, and that I don't have to...
  4. Pogo57

    Training for people with disabilities.

    Most long range training requires a fair amount of walking which I can't do. Does anyone know of a school or facility that doesn't require this? I can get into the various shooting positions and can walk about 100yds at a time. TIA
  5. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors How many people use Quicken for there Trust?

    Just having some issues with mine got it back from the dealer who has my suppressor and he is saying it needs all kinds of revisions.
  6. H

    Android people, free ballistics is here

    The initial release of BallCalc for Android phones is out. Joshua Impson has been working hard to get this version of it out while I'm still working on the blackberry version. So, test it out. There is probably some bugs but that's where you come in. Let me know what you find and i'll pass that...
  7. 1shot2kill

    gunshop screwing people

    so i went to a local shop today and was picking up a tikka t3 tactical it was the showroom modeli asked if the price could be brought down a little since every tom,dick and harry has manhandled it and is has signs of being handled to me new and shiny = paying full price. a 6 year olds snot on...
  8. J

    Photos Sorry forgot about the no class people

    Forgot there were some no class people on here. My mistake. JtP