1. B

    Rifle Scopes Best place for Nightforce?

    Hello folks, I'm looking for Nightforce dealers, possibly supporters of Snipers Hide who has the best price for a NXS 5.5-22x50 NPR-1. Any recommendations? Thank you,
  2. B

    Range Report new place to shoot

    I went for a ride today on my deer lease, checking things and such, when I realized there is a long lane in there. It is a natural gas pipeline that was rebuilt this past spring. It was widened and cleared. I didn't have a gps or rangefinder with me, so I set the trip odometer on my ATV and...
  3. G

    Hunting & Fishing Wrong Place - Wrong Time

    Caught this one sunning himself on a rock as I was driving home from the range. I had just finished shooting one of Lowlight's Practical Tactical targets, so this fellow was easy money at almost exactly 100 yards.
  4. galveston22

    Rifle Scopes Best place to purchase a Vortex scope?

    I am looking to buy a scope in the next week or two. I have decided to go with a Vortex Crossfire 4-16x50ao 30mm ill mil dot. I know some of you have your own websites so I wanted to give you the business first. I have looked at Liberty optics but the price is higher than the manufacturers...
  5. D

    Good place to buy hogue overmold stock for 10/22

    Who's got the best price, shipping times, cs, etc.. Thanks
  6. D

    Good place to get some training???

    I would like ask you folks if there is a place like Rifles Only but for a self defense/ hand to hand combat kind of course. I mention RO bc they seem to be at the top of their game according to all the + feedback. I am non LE or Military and looking for a weeks course or whatever geared...
  7. T

    RCBS Chargemaster 1500? Best place to get one??

    Who has the best deals on the Chargemaster 1500?? Looking to get one but I have seen some huge price differences.
  8. R

    Magnum primers in place of standard?

    Guys I have a chance to pick up a few thousand large pistol magnum primers... Anyone have any idea what would happen or how dangerous it would be to replace standard pistol primers with the magnum primers?
  9. C

    Best place to buy 200gr Accubonds?

    I have been checking for factory seconds and can't find any. Where is the best place to get 200 gr Accubonds? These shoot like nothing else in my rifle, although they are expensive. Thanks Guys.
  10. M

    Best place to buy .223 Remmy 700 XCR Compact Tac?

    Looking for two of these rifles, if anyone could point me to a reasonable source I'd greatly appreciate it.
  11. T

    This place has some primers and powder

    He will take pre orders on primers ask for Tony 1-866-751-2457 Say he has a pile of CCI primers due in next week or so If you pre pay you get to the front of the list He has in stock right BR2 in stips 1000 47.00 CCI 450 1000 47 remington large pistol 2...
  12. paraman1

    Using Small Pistol in Small Rifle primers place

    Due to the current primer situation I cannot locate any small rifle primers and was wondering if there is any factual evidence of problems associated with swapping out for the small pistol primer . I know in some small case loads they reccomend using the SP primer (.22 Hornet) but this would be...
  13. D

    Gunsmithing Best place to send a FN bolt for a new knob.....?

    Hey guys, I was wondering where the best place to send a FN(Win) bolt to get a new knob put on. I know that not everyone does them b/c they are harder to cut than a 700's bolt. Thanks for your help. -Dan
  14. krink85

    Range Report Safe place to shoot?

    I will be heading home to Illinois in a few months and I am trying to get a place lined up to shoot. I want to be able to hit further than 500 yards and my father has some property that will allow me to do so. The only thing I am worried about is the only direction I can shoot is inline with a...
  15. E

    Member Link Up Michigan - A place to shoot?

    Hello Michigan - Need some info . . . Looking for a "gravel pit" type shooting area where I can safely run some carbine drills - 50 yds. with a safe backstop will do . . . . anything like that in your area?? I'm in Waterford and off this weekend - travel not an issue. Feel free to PM me...
  16. C

    RCBS dies where is the best place to get them???

    I am looking for some .223 small base and neck sizing dies anyone know where I can get them and not pay an arm and leg?
  17. C

    375 RUM build it in place of CHEYTAC

    Does anyone have any data on this caliber or used it for LR hunting. Is it practical or just go with the 338 RUM instead?
  18. R

    Best place to buy Lapua bullets and brass ?

    Where is the best place, to buy Lapua bullets and brass ? I know, that a lot of this material, has flown off of the shelves. ______ In addition, I assume .300WM brass, is not produced by Lapua ? I could not find it, on the Lapua website. Who sells the best .300WM brass ? _______...
  19. rweldon

    Gunsmithing Good place to have a Badger Bolt knob installed?

    I'm thinking of adding a Badger Tactical Bolt knob to my remington 700. Who does this service well and reasonable to boot?
  20. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing 2008 Coyote Callling Contest.... took 3rd Place.

    My calling partner, Jim and I attended the annual Campbell County Coyote calling contest again this year. It was the 16th annual event held in Gillette, Wyoming. It is the same one we took 1st place in back in 2006 with a total of 13 dogs. Anyway, it started Friday night and ran to Sunday at...