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  1. T

    SOLD WTS: Foxpro Fusion Predator Call

    Foxpro Fusion Predator game caller comes with FoxJack 4 motion motor, 8NiMH batteries and charger, remote. $325 🚢
  2. OpticsPlanet

    Ultimate Predator Hunting Accessory Package

    Enter for a chance to win Ultimate Predator Hunting Accessory Package! Win 13 Prizes! Enter by February 28, 2022 See Details Here: https://www.opticsplanet.com/sweepstakes
  3. D


    Hey guys, completely new to this forum so if this is in the wrong place pls let me know. I have opportunities open here in SC for active duty and prior service SOF and Scout Snipers. Currently close to 5,000 acres available for predator hunting. With deer having babies on the ground and new...
  4. I

    Stiller Tac 30 group buy??

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a stiller group buy anytime soon? I was planning on just gettin one from bugholes but if there is a group buy comin up here in the next few months I could wait if it will save me a few bucks. Thanks
  5. M

    Movie Theater "TRIPLE DOWN" in case you missed it..

    I've always enjoyed team ops footage, hope u guys like this one too. O?Neill Ops: 2013 ?Triple Down?
  6. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !!

    Add your pics on to this
  7. S

    Stiller Predator in an AICS stock

    I was wondering how many of you guys have a stiller predator or tac action in an AICS stock. I am thinking about putting my new Beanland custom rifles 6x47L in one. Jon says the bolt area might need relieved a bit. I would assume the 6x47L feeds ok from mags?? I had to sell my 6.5 creedmoore so...
  8. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Stiller Predator SA & AICS

    Does anyone here have/run a rifle that consists of a stiller predator action(sa) mounted in an AICS? Wondering if that combo should in fact work and feed well, using an AICS & AI magazine (Mine will be .243win). I'm in "you gotta be kidding me mode" at the moment. I got this new action...
  9. S

    Weatherby Predator?

    Anyone have any experience with the Weatherby Predator or Savage Predator models? What kind of accuracy can you expect with the 22" barrel at long range? I was looking at a Savage 10FCP HS precision stock for my first long range rifle setup but was wondering if these two rifles (being cheaper)...
  10. Highground

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Gold Ring HD or Steiner Predator C5?

    Which do you recommend? They seem to run about the same price.
  11. C

    Member Link Up Any predator hunters in Tucson?

    Looking for some new guys to hunt dogs with. I know bobcats and fox are done for now but dogs still vert territorial right now.
  12. Outlaw45

    Mag capacity of Predator action

    How many 7mm WSM rounds can you stuff in the magazine of a Stiller Predator short action? Standard magazine, BDL style, in a McMillian A3.
  13. A

    Predator projectiles

    I know most of you guys here wouldnt have seen these yet being an Australian product, but what do you think of the design of these bullets for long range applications? The website is www.predatorprojectiles.com.au Ive tried them out in my .375CT with very good short range accuracy( averaging 3...