1. C

    Gunsmithing How to pull shell after head separation?

    I had a head separation on my 300 Win Mag today. What would be the tool to pull the portion of the brass shell still stuck in my rifle? A link to the part would be appreciated. Would this be the tool to use (?): http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=791210 I've googled and...
  2. hue001t

    Gunsmithing trigger pull question

    i have savage 110E not with accutrigger. how do i adjust the trigger pull and is it something that should absolutely not be done by a novice. (id still like to know how)
  3. V

    Trigger Pull Weight, TRG22

    Sorry for another question regarding the TRG 22. Does anyone know the recommended pull weight for the first stage of the trigger. I tested the weight of the second stage and is at 3 lbs. The manual advises how to adjust but does not mention anything regarding recommended weight of 1st stage in...
  4. ranger1183

    Gunsmithing Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull

    Does anyone know of a stock maker that can make a bolt action rifle stock with a Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull system? I know Warner Tool Company makes Thumbwheel Adjustable rifle stock hardware, but does any company use hardware like that for making a stock with thumbwheel adjustable...
  5. S

    Rifle Scopes Well I want to pull the trigger on a Nightforce

    OK, as the title suggests I'm buying a Nightforce. Who's a site supporter, a pleasure to deal with, and has good prices? I'm wanting a 5-22x50 with a zero stop thanks, SR
  6. shooter65

    Maggie’s tractor pull

  7. F

    Mark II BTVS length of pull...

    I really love my BTVS but the LOP is about two inches too short. I am thinking about getting a limbsaver recoil pad to extend the LOP and have a couple questions about that. First, does anyone make an extended butt plate for the Savage MKII BTVS? If not, what size of grind down does it take...
  8. MrMike

    Woops.... shoot or pull?

    Well my first attempt at hand loading went well. I had read in a couple places to start at the minimum recommended load and work up in .5 grain increments till a tight group is reached. How ever, after talking to a couple folks in the shout box I first learned that a .2 grain work up is safer...
  9. G

    Maggie’s Pull My Finger

  10. G

    SIG Trailside problems, inconsistent trigger pull!

    Hey guys, have had this Trailside for a little more than a year now. Shoot it a fair amount, and the girlfriend loves it! It has a red-dot on it, and usually shoots lights out. My problem lately is that while shooting our local pistol league (25ft, one handed.... 4 targets 10 shot each no time...