1. T

    .308- 1:10 twist rate- are 150gr bullets hopeless?

    Getting my 308 rebarreled its an 18.5" 1:10 twist barrel. Most of my bullets are 150gr- what are the effects on twist rate. Is it a definite thing that 150gr bullets will suck as I hear these 1:10 are best with the heavier pills
  2. N2rockets

    Twist Rate for 100-1000 yds. Muzzle Crown?

    Hi guys I am interested in putting together a Remmy 700 .308 with a McMillian A4 stock. I shoot between 100 and 1000 yards most commonly. I am wondering what twist rate is best for those ranges. I know you can get 1-12, 1-11.25, 1-10 and stuff, I dont know what each is best for though. I don't...
  3. O

    Ruger m77 mark2 .223 twist rate

    Does anyone know for sure what the twist rate is on this rifle? It's a SS synthetic stock if that's any help ...my son's rifle, was told @ Cabela's it was a 9 twist, being told by "EXPERT" ruger don't make 9 twist in .223
  4. R

    Rate my Reloads.

    Finally got to shoot over a chrono a few days ago. Shot 20 rounds through the chrono and heres what I came up with. 45gns varget, 175SMK, FGMM Primers, out of a 26" remington barrel. About 103 degrees outside, no wind, 650ft elevation Lowest Velocity -- 2680.3 Highest Velocity -- 2710.4...
  5. J

    Gunsmithing Twist rate for 110 gr 308?

    1 in 12? 1 in 14? Got a bunch of 110 gr Hornady TAP available. The faster twist barrels don't like it much. They are much happier with the 168 gr.
  6. Mag 300

    Best twist rate for 338 lapa using 300 gr??????

  7. XLR

    375 CHEY TAC twist rate

    I have a question, It seems that either shooters are using a 11.5 or 8 twist barrel in their 375 chey tac rifles. It appears that all bullets made for the chey tac are solids; therefore, there is no core stripping occuring. What is the disadvantage of just going with an 8 twist?
  8. fusiachi

    Effect of twist rate on velocity

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much velocity I should expect to lose shooting the same load through a 16" 1:7 barrel as opposed to a 1:12 tube of the same length? I'm only getting 2650fps. from Sierra 55gr HPBTs over 26gr of W748 out of my Sig 556.
  9. H

    SAKO .308 AII L579 (1979 purchased new) Twist Rate

    I've looked at the SAKO web site and downloaded the pdf document regarding "Old Models" but I can not find any information on the twist rate. Also googled lots of sites but I can't really get a definite answer. I've been told that its got 1 in 12 twist rate but others have said its 1 in 11...
  10. P

    Gunsmithing Twist Rate For .338 Lapua

    Anyone know what the best twist rate for a .338 Lapua with 300 grn. bullets is.
  11. sandmann

    Gunsmithing twist rate on winnchester stealth. mod 70

    Guys need some help i bought a new in the box winn. stealth .308 does anyone know what twist rate these came in? it is a stealth 1 could not find any info. Thanks Sandmann
  12. S

    .223 twist rate

    I'm looking at gettting a new upper from white oak, and theya re giving me a choice of 1:12 or 1:7 twist rate, I see alot of posts about the 1:8 and 1:7 but have not heard anything about the 1:12. what would a 1:12 be good for? I'm assuming that I should go with the 1:7 but before I do, I'm...
  13. BryanLitz

    Question: twist rate for .338 bullets

    I'm curious about the proliferation of 1:9.4" and 1:9.3" twist rate that is commonly suggested for .338's; 300 grain bullets in particular. Everyone agrees that the 1:10" <span style="font-style: italic">works</span>, but then there are those who will chime in and say a 1:9.4" or 9.3" works...
  14. J

    Twist rate on a Remmy 700 VS in .223???

    Heys guys this is my first post, I used the search but couldnt find any info. Does any one know what the twist rate is on a Remington 700 VS in .223? They quite making this rifle and i cant find any any on what twist the barrel is. Someone told me that it in 1 in 12, but i didnt think that could...