1. A

    Rifle Scopes Recommendation for a modern SPR Scope?

    Hi all, I am new to longer range shooting but got into it over the pandemic with one of my friends from back home. I am looking to upgrade the glass on an American Defense Manufacturing SPR that I have been shooting (I was running an old Vortex Diamondback 4-16) but I am starting to get lost in...
  2. D

    zeiss vs kowa vs leupold

    hey guys looking for some help! im in need of a spotting scope and was wondering about some of the lower end spotting scopes in the mentioned brands(mainly used and preferably under $1500 unless a great deal). the three are the leupold gold ring or mark4(i wear glasses so long eye relief is nice...
  3. FleshGolem

    Scout-ish Rifle Suggestions

    Looking for some suggestions for bolties that include a few different features. Namely: Chambered in .308 Win Threaded stainless steel barrel, ideally 18-20" and not less than 16", ideally free-floated Open sights, ideally full-length and ghost ring style Detachable magazine that either comes...
  4. G

    Optic recommendations for BA 300 Blackout?

    Hi there! Looking to get the communities recommendations on optics for my new ruger American ranch right I just picked up in 300. I will mainly be using this rifle for hunting within 150 yards and will be shooting probably half super half subs. Have considered just sighting rifle in for...
  5. G

    16” vs 18” suppressed .308

    Hi there! I have recently been looking at grabbing a 16” Daniel Defense or Larue in .308. I have been running an 18” gas 308, but wanted to shave some pounds and a couple inches off the barrel for Stalk hunting. something I was curious about however was how much worse does the recoil get in...
  6. G

    AR-10 Advice / recommendations

    Hi there!! About 2 years ago I dropped around 4K on a custom made 18” 308 AR-10. While the gun has an awesome barrel on it and is crazy accurate, I have had the worst time getting it function reliable. From failure to feeds to failure to ejects to bullets getting stuck in what seems to be a...
  7. P

    M1 garand accessories

    Hello, my husband has recently taken the plunge and bought himself and M1 garand. He decided to get it after he has found a love for babying his M1A and getting a bunch of old Vietnam era accessories and tools. His birthday is coming up and I want to get him something for his Garand, but I’m not...
  8. garrett

    .45 progressive press reccomendation?

    Hi guys, i have been looking at getting a progressive press for the 1911 and was wondering if anyone had any that stuck out particularly well. thanks!
  9. C

    Gunsmithing DFW Smith Reccomendation??????

    I am looking for a gunsmith in or near the Dallas Ft. Worth Texas area that is reccomended for chambering, fitting, threading barrel and truing my action. Anyone have any reccomedations? Thanks,