1. jayd4wg

    building a budget rig...

    I know where this will start, so I want to squash a couple thoughts right away. Yes, i'm new to this board but not to the world of shooting. I'm new to centerfire, but have shot rimfire for a LONG time (20+ years). I've never owned a centerfire rifle until 2 weeks ago, and I am on a major...
  2. H

    New Hunting Rig

    Put together by Jim Myers of One Hole Gunworks. - Remington 700 Action. Action face squared and lugs lapped into full contact. Ceracoated. - #4 Brux Barrel finished at 26". Beadblasted with snakeskin pattern. Name and Caliber engraved. - Shilen trigger, adjusted to 2.5 pounds. - Holland recoil...
  3. W

    Got my rig back together

    Finally got off my ass and put my rig back together after waiting on my badger m5 and bedding the stock.I put a little krylon on her as well,gonna take it to the range this weekend and see if the bedding helped at all.
  4. 8

    Photos Coyote rig - AWM

    Here is my daytime Coyote getter in Bruni, TX. We hunt over the cab, trucks are part of the landscape down there, and critters are not threatened by them.
  5. M

    Rifle Scopes New rig for coyote hunting.

    Ive got a Remington VS in .223 Remington. Im 100% sure its gonna be a .223AI for the 75gr AMax bullets. I need some help deciding on some stuff. Heres the things I know for sure 23" Brougton 5C barrel (Standard Remington varmit contour) painted black Fluted bolt PAI bolt knob PAI recoil lug...
  6. 96C

    Your sniping rig

    Men, Was thinking we should have a place to show pictures of your current setup used for work / rec sniper work. It's always a good thing to see how everyone else does it. I'll get a couple pictures when I'm home in a few weeks, until then it'd be good to see how you roll. Maybe a picture of...
  7. Da-Law-Dawg

    Hunting & Fishing Second confirmed 'chuck with the new rig

    Been a good day, got another 'chuck with the new rig! Been making life hard on 'em and the landowner is tickled pink (cattle farmer).
  8. G

    Range Report Range Report - new rig built by Mark Pharr

    Specs: Rem 700 SA .308 HS stock with palm swell (textured by me and Marinetex) CDI Bottom Metal stock trigger (Wil tuned to 2.5 lbs) Brux 24" barrel - MTU contour - 1:11 twist NF 33 MOA base Badger rings NF NXS 5.5-22x56 NP-R1 Reticle TIS Sling Harris pod with Phoenix Tactical large PodClaws w/...
  9. S

    Practice Rig Caliber ???

    I am looking to build or buy a practice rig to help me get out to 1000+. I currently own a custom 700 in 7mm STW and have about 700-1000 rounds of barrel left before it starts dropping off. I am thinking about a 7mm-08 but i was wondering about barrel life. I just read an attachment that was...
  10. L

    Weatherby CFP .308 rig

    Got tired of lugging around the big guns when hunting, so I am im the process of setting up a Weatherby CFP (Compact Firing Platform)in a .308. This gun is about 10 years old, and still new in box. It has the factory certiticate that states it will "shoot a 3 shot group from a cold barrel under...
  11. T

    Hunting & Fishing Night Pig rig???

    I'm thinking of jocking up a night time pig rig based on an AR. What type of lighting/sighting configurations have you tried and what recommendations?
  12. SingleShot85

    My New Hunting Rig

    Stiller TAC 30 with magnum bolt face LTR barrel 1-12 twist re-chambered to 300 wsm PSS stock Stiller 20 MOA base Badger rings Leupold VX-III LR M1 4.5-14-50mm weight = 9.8lbs I plan on running 155 on 56grs of Varget; hope to put some rounds down this weekend.