1. D

    $400 budget for rimfire glass.....Which glass?

    Got several cz's laying around with nothing on top and cant really decide what to go with. Figured 3-9-40 was a good starting point. Then reticle? Then manufact? And so on? Would appreciate hearing what seems to be the norm for other peoples rimfires choice of optics. Thanks Folks
  2. Rolex24

    Range time "tactical" rimfire style

    First of all I'd like to say hi. I'm new to the hide and tactical rimfire and thought you guys would enjoy the following. My buddy got me hooked on this long range .22 stuff after reading Desertfrogs story on 6mmBR.com. I've since acquired his MPR and he's replaced it with a 64 Biathalon...
  3. D

    Stiller 25X Rimfire actions at SHOT

    Some pics at accurateshooter.com - here: http://accurateshooter.com/bulletin.html Very handsome.