1. J

    Rifle Scopes Ring Height

    I have American Precision Arms doing a .308 Build on a Surgeon Action. I'm going to use a Nightforce 5.5-22x50 or 5.5-22x56. I have not purchased the scope yet. What is the correct Ultralite ring height. 1.125" ? My other rifle is a Remington action with Badger base and Leupold MK4 rings.
  2. Corp. Punishment

    Rifle Scopes Which Scope Ring Height?

    Hello, I have the new falcon with the 50mm objective on order, I will be using a EGW 20 MOA base and TPS rings. What height of TPS rings should I use? BTW:The scope will be mounted on a Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless in 223. Thanks!
  3. M

    howa front ring diamiter

    any body what this would be? im told its the same as a vanguard but again i don't know the dia. is on that either. looks close to a rem. but not sure. thanks
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes US Optics Spotter vrs. Leupold Gold Ring

    I have a Leupold Gold Ring spotter and I'm just not impressed. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Has anyone viewed the Leupold and the US spotter side-by-side? Is there a big difference in clarity, etc. at say 300-800 yards?
  5. R

    Rifle Scopes ring height question

    probably a topic thats been covered a bunch but im in a pinch and need a quick response. uso sn3 3-17x44 objective stiller 20 moa rail mtu contour barrel... What ring height should i go with? Medium or low? Will low even work? Looking at a set of Burris tac rings. Away from home and away from...
  6. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes 20MOA base 56mm obj. ring height? Med High or High

    What rings are you guys running. I have a set of mediums on the way, may be too low. Its a NF with a 56mm obj., and a 20 MOA base, medium palma countour... Was told that Medium highs may not even be enough...
  7. O

    Rifle Scopes Help with ring height.

    I want to put a 50mm Nightforce scope on a Badger 20moa base Rifle has a heavy bbl about 1" at the muzzle. Remington long action. What height ring do I need to get the scope to clear the bbl? Also what rings do you reccomend. Coach
  8. W

    Ring Wobble

    I just purchased a new savage MKII BTVS with a heavy barrel and it came with (supposed) weaver bases that came with it. I purchased a set of Burris steel zee rings and started to mount them and once they were all tightened down the were still wobbley and the bases weren't wide enough and the...
  9. P

    Rifle Scopes Scope Ring Marring

    Now that I have a new scope, what best ways can I prevent (or at least minimize) the rings from marring the scope? I have heard of tape, lapping, bedding with epoxy or other materials, but am looking to do this the best way. The rifle is an AR15, and there will more than one. Mounts can be...
  10. F

    Rifle Scopes what size ring height do i need?

    i have a remington 700 sps tactical. going to be putting on a mark4 6.5x20x50. i am going to use a 20 moa base. leupold says to use high rings. im wanting to use the lowest possible. has anybody with my setup used the mediums. thanks everyone.
  11. TeufelHund

    Rifle Scopes Ring Height ?

    Thinking of getting a Millet 4-16X50 for a Remingtion 700 5R. What height rings do I use as the bell on this must be pretty big. Low or medium. Thinking of going TPS route on rings and base.
  12. P

    Rifle Scopes Fast ring question

    I am mounting the Bushnell 4200 I bought tonight. My EGW base came in as did my Nightforce rings. When mounting the rings is it better the have the "bolt head" on the left side of a RH rifle, or does it matter which way the rings face? jim
  13. R

    Rifle Scopes Any ring work for 11mm dovetail and 30mm tube .

    about 40-50 dollar
  14. D

    Rifle Scopes NXS magnification ring question.

    Let me throw out a disclaimer first that I have very limited exposure to NXS scopes. I upgraded from a Leupold to an NXS recently. I had some issues with the NXS not focusing clearly so I sent it back to the factory for a look over. The question I have is: should the entire eye piece move with...
  15. Tommyquest

    Rifle Scopes Ring Lapping Q

    When you guys lap your rings do you do until the alignment points are exactly lined up or very very close? Mine are within a millimeter of each other vertically and lined up horizontally. I don't want to take off excess material if I don't have to. Thanks. Tom
  16. turbosa22c

    Rifle Scopes what ring and base combination is this?

    every ones seen this picture before so.. i know this is a m24 used by the airforce. but i want to know what scope ring and base combination this is. im assuming thats a leupold w/40mm obj. any info would be much appreciated.
  17. C

    scope ring lapping

    How important is scope ring lapping if your using good rings? Nightforce or Badger
  18. C

    scope ring lapping

    How important is scope ring lapping if your using good rings? Nightforce or Badger
  19. mark5pt56

    Rifle Scopes Ring height advice-please

    Good morning, I picked up my 700P yesterday and upon recommendation, ordered the Near base. The bolt went out to Hoopers to have the Badger knob and handle tapped. I have the Eagle stock pack and the Harris. SHould be getting the receiver 8x40'ed when I get the base next week. I've decided on...
  20. P

    Rifle Scopes Ring height for a 50mm scope?

    I know this has been asked to death, but will a Bushnell 4200 with a 50mm objective and Butler Creel caps fit on a Remington 700 varmint barrel with a 15moa base using medium height rings? I am about to put the SPS Varmint contour stock that came on it up for trade but need to be sure to ask...