1. tireys

    RRA 2 Stage Nat. match trigger vs. Rem 700 40X

    I went to the range today. I just mounted a Vortex optic in a Burris P.E.P.R. 1 piece mount and wanted to get it sighted in. All in All The rifle and scope performed well. The kicker was the trigger difference. I only took my RRA along so I could get what I needed to get done, done. I have been...
  2. Sniper1*

    Advanced Marksmanship RRA A4 Varmint POA/POI Changes

    OK, In a nutshell! I am shooting a RRA A4 Varmint 18"(as it came from Factory). Magpul PRS Stock USO 1.8x10 Tpal Nightforce Unimount Harris Bipod Hornady 55gr TAP After zeroing the rifle and scope I would return to the range on several occasions and the CB and subsequent 5-8 shots would be...
  3. K_4c

    RRA Problems

    I bought a RRA coyote carbine and put no more than 650 rounds down the tube. I now have a problem. The weapon is short stroking (I fire one round and next "click"). At first I thought it was the extractor (nope) and than I thought it was the carrier key possibly coming loose (nope). I've been...
  4. RidgeRebel

    Gunsmithing RRA Lar 8 barrel nut

    Does anybody know who makes a free float hand guard with a barrel nut for a RRA LAR 8. I know DD makes one but I was wondering if that was the only option. Thank you for any advice you can give.
  5. Steelhead

    Range Report RRA LAR-8 Varmint and Mid-length

    I was able to get out and shoot the LAR-8 Varmint and mid-length today. I just goofed around with the mid-length and just shot surplus through it. I had purchased a Trijicon 3.5x ACOG scope with .308 ballistic reticle, so I got it all sighted in and then proceeder to have a great time banging...
  6. RidgeRebel

    RRA 308 accuracy

    I have a RRA standard length A4 308 on order. Does anybody have any experience with these rifles? What kind of accuracy can I expect from it? The RRA web sight advertises 1moa at 100yrds. I will want to change the handguard for a free float. Will any free float hand guard fit on this rifle? Also...
  7. tireys

    Brothers from another Mother RRA and R700 XCR

    This is gonna be fun. I can't wait to get these dudes to the range. RRA 20" 1 in 9 .223 and Rem 700 XCR Compact Tactical 20" 1 in 12 .308. Nothing too fancy as both are essentially stock guns. Burris 3-9X40 on the FF Tac2 hunter knobs w/ Leatherwood base and Burris XTR med. rings on the Remmy...
  8. Superjet06

    Photos RRA SBR

    Heres my newest build! Bushmaster upper: 11.5" HBAR, 1x7 twist RRA lower & stock, Stag LPK Aimpoint CompC3 2moa Tac 16 Suppressor
  9. vikz

    Scoped my RRA Middy..

    Finally i was able to shoot my middy RRA today and man i wish 223 ammo is not too expensive so i don't have to diet my AR, i only shot 50 rounds and zero at 50yds, I used wolf ammo for zeroing and then i did a 10 shots groups with remington 55gr factory ammo..Anyway here it is..What do you guys...
  10. N.Gucci

    RRA Weaver type gas block question.

    Is the Rock River Arms Weaver type gas block in fact Weaver dimensions? Or is it actually Mil Std 1913 just marketed as Weaver? I am planning on mounting a Troy front BUIS using this gas block and wanted to know if it will fit correctly...
  11. W

    RRA Black rifle

    So I just put money down on a RRA Elite CAR A4 and the guy told me that back in November RRA stopped announcing any wait times on their rifles. At that time it was 16 weeks, has anyone recently received one and could tell me how long of a wait might I be expecting?? I'm thinking at least 5 or...
  12. paulholcomb

    Photos RRA Upper/DPMS Lower

    This is my 1:12 Varmint Upper with a complete 5.56/.223 DPMS lower
  13. W

    RRA Coyoete carbine

    I'd like to get some insight from anyone who has this configuration on their AR. I've currently got a DPMS Bull 20 fluted upper and it's too damn heavy for hunting with. Been thinking about swapping for something along the lines of the Yote carbine.