1. S

    SOLD 16.5” Custom 6.5 SAUM

    Just bought an 18” 300 Norma off another Hide member a couple days ago and looking to consolidate cartridges and recoup some funds. What IS included: - Manners EH1 in swamp camo - Defiance Tenacity black nitrided - 16.5” Proof carbon senders 7.5 twist - Hawkins Hunter bottom metal - Hawkins...
  2. S

    16.5” 6.5saum build

    Sorry if this is the wrong section I’m not very new to reloading but brand new to this cartridge and with powders being as scarce as they are I’m asking to advice from those that hopefully have experience so I can’t try to mitigate stock piling multiple powders. I understand my barrel might...
  3. N

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    Hey Fellas, I bought this once fired 6.5 SAUM(4s) brass from GA Precision. I then fired roughly 20-30 pieces or so over the next year and then sold the gun as I determined I wasn't going to shoot in ELR matches. Sale is final....Brass seems great but I have no ideas what chamber the brass was...
  4. EDMJustin

    Chassis For XM Length Action

    I am looking to do my next build in a 7mm Saum. I would like to build it on an XM length chassis. The only ones I have been able to find in my searching is the MDT ACC and the MA BA. Could anyone here give me some help on some other options if there are any. The ACC does not appeal to me. I...
  5. bdubb

    Reloading Equipment SOLD: Prepped Norma 6.5 SAUM Brass (New)

    NEW (300 pcs) - Fully prepped SAUM brass from Norma 7 SAUM donor brass. Neck sized, trimmed, neck turned, chamfered and ready to load. These are leftovers from remaining inventory when I closed my shop location for Sendero Ammo in August 2019. $500 for all 300 cases, shipped. Necked down to...
  6. Glassaholic

    Brand New Mark Chanylnn, Bighorn 7mm RSAUM Build

    Goal: To build a LR tactical/hunting rifle that could be easily carried in the Rocky Mountains The fun specs: • Bighorn TL2 SA RH action with magnum boltface and picatinny rail • Timney 510 trigger set at 2lb • Surgeon SA bottom metal (to be used with Alpha Type 3/4 WSM magazines) • Manners...
  7. T

    300 saum and berger 190 vld's

    I just ordered some berger 190 vld's and was wondering if anybody has good loads worked up that I could try out for 300 short action ultra mag (saum). I have reloading manuals so I don't need references to the books just powder/primer/coal recomendations would be nice. I am currently using a rem...
  8. W

    Range Report 7mm Rem SAUM F Class Open

    Hi all i have been playing around with my new Lawton rifle i have chjambered an old 28" australian made 7mm 9 twist barrel to 7mm Rem SAUM the results i have got realy suprised me they do not come clost to what i have expected the load is as follows The chamber reamer has the factory case specs...
  9. 264win

    sizing 300 saum to 7mm saum

    just got my 7mm saum from benchmark barrels. in cant wait to try it out. problem is when i size my norma 300 saum brass down to 7mm it leaves a rinkle at the base of the neck . im usung redding bushing dies. the neck die and the fl die do the same thing .do i need to use non bushing dies ? or...
  10. ranger1183

    Gunsmithing 6.5mm SAUM or WSM?

    6.5mm Rem SAUM -or- 6.5mm WSM? Does anyone have experience with either of these two wildcats? I have AICS mags with re-inforcing plate still installed (mags will stay that way) so I will be limited to overall length. Yes, these will be shot from a bolt rifle. Looking to shoot Barnes solids...
  11. O

    Gunsmithing 300 saum project?

    I just wanted to pick the brains of some experts around here about a project I have been thinking up. I am wanting to build a 300 saum on a s/a and run the 208 amax. Right now I am planning on using a surgeon round action in their wsm pattern with the 3.110" port in the bottom of the reciever...
  12. david walter

    Looking for loads for the 300 Rem SAUM

    With either a 208 AMAX or the 210 Berger VLD. It's a 20" LTR, if that matters. Thanks,
  13. 264win

    7mm saum

    im having a 7mm saum built for long range , and am looking for some insight it will have 28 " # 7 barrel ,hs stock , win action .id like to shoot the 162 a max or the berger 168 ,180 vld anyone have ant exp. with this round ? would i be beter with a 1-8 or 1-9 twist ? if anyone has a pet...
  14. strick9

    7mm saum die deal.

    Just an fyi.
  15. Tribe

    Min/Max 300 Rem SAUM - H4350

    Hey fellas, Looking to run some ladders for the following bullets: 175 SMK 210 SMK 220 SMK 240 VLD If anyone has published Min/Max loads for H4350, I would be much obliged. Thanks much.
  16. wfpack14

    7mm WSM vs 7mm SAUM

    I did a search and could not find anything on this, so if I missed a topic please let me know.. Is there a difference in these two calibers? Is one better then the other? I am looking at building a new 7mm over the winter. Thanks