1. J

    DBAL A3 Cantilever Mount?

    I have been building out a NV setup on a Noveske Gen 4 Shorty and wanted to see if anyone knows of a replacement for the OEM DBAL A3 QD mount that would allow the laser to be cantilevered slightly forward over the end of the handguard? I am running suppressed 100% of the time on this build so...
  2. William_LXIX

    Accessories SCAR-17s .338 FEDERAL 13" (SBR) Dead Shot Barrel (DSB) $475

    $500 SHIPPED $475 SHIPPED Very slightly used, broken in with 50 rounds and THATS IT. DEADSHOT BARRELS: .338 FEDERAL (its the .300BO of 7.62!) 1:10 - Chromoly(CM) - 5R Rifling 13" barrel with CERAKOTE Magpul FDE Applied at Dead Shot Barrels. 5/8 x 24 thread pattern thread for FH/MB (Not...
  3. V

    1:9 Twist 10/22 SBR barrel

    I need some help finding a shorter 1-9 twist 10/22 barrel for a build that I want to do. I'm having some trouble finding anywhere that sells them. Do you guys know of a place I can find them? I'm not really stuck on the barrel length. I will be using it with 60sss and also want to see what...
  4. ketema1977

    LaRue 12" OBR Upper

    Manufacturer description: 12" OBR About 2k rounds through it. 1/8 twist barrel. LaRue branded Troy iron sights. Sorry forgot to list price. $1200 OBO
  5. Silent Shooters

    Suppressors AAC MK-13 Questions

    I am planning on putting one on my POF-308 SBR and just wanted your take on them in this application. 1.Have any of you guys out there ran a MK-13sd on a SBR (12.5")? 2.If so have you noticed any erosion the blast baffle? 3. How does the FDE finish hold up?
  6. NevadaZielmeister

    Suppressors LWRC M6A3 Short Barrel 10.5 inch Rifle with AAC M4-2000 Suppressor in 5.56 NATO

    Gentlemen, Maybe you can help me out, not sure. I have a problem with my rounds "cooking" off in the chamber prior to the primer being impacted by the firing pin. So basically, I am getting the barrel so hot that the rounds are "pre-detonating" when the powder reaches flashpoint. Pretty much...
  7. A

    Daniel Defense Problem

    I am looking to purchase a Daniel defense AR-15 with a 12.5 inch barrel, BUT im looking to get their 12 inch RIS railing. I went to the gun store today and guy brought down a 14.5inch barrel with 12 inch handguard, after him explaining it to me he said the muzzle thread would be a about 1/4 inch...
  8. A

    AR-15 SBR Upper Receiver

    Im looking for an AR-15 SBR Upper Receiver for my AR-15, which manufacturer has the best for about $1000?
  9. EdwardArmsCo

    Photos Just a few pics of the Edward Arms CQB Select Fire Firearm

    One of the perks of being an 07/C2 manufacturer is the ability to make firearms like this. This 7.5 inch beauty boasts mostly Arizona made components from the BCG to the Receivers, Rail System, Barrel, Trigger, Buffer / Tube and I'm sure Im forgetting a few pieces. Sorry , it's dirty in the...
  10. Fatherdeath

    Photos SBR Rebuild

    As of today my last part part came in (my back ordered Aimpoint) Gen 1 Noveske Regstered SBR lower Adams arms ultra light evo upper 1:7 twist melonite Aim point T1 with GGGAZ mount Troy hk front sight USMC Issued KAC 200M-600M micro Magpul acs and grip KNS non rotaiting pins Magpul BAD...
  11. Havoc

    Photos High Temp Cerakote For Suppressor

    I had run my suppressor a little hot on a 7.5" barrel. It of course destroyed the bluing on it, along with my rough use during run and gun drills caused a lot of scratching, nicking, and marring on it. It looked damn ugly actually. So I decided to hit up Hide member Short-busShort-bus to paint...
  12. M

    Suppressors SBR vs Pistol Questions

    I have seen a number of great looking SBR AR-15 uppers for sale recently, both 10" and 14". My question is if I purchase a RRA marked pistol lower and transfer it as a pistol on a 4417 can I purchase a SBR upper and attach it to my pistol lower without any legal issues? I believe the SBR lower...
  13. A

    Something a little different; Noveske Leonidas SBR

    On its way... Well, actually, it's not that simple. The gun pictured is a post-sample Noveske Leonidas 7.62. Noveske is temporarily out of the 7.62 business, and I've been wanting to build an SBR AR10. When I saw the gun pictured for sale on an NFA board (Sturm) I emailed the dealer and...
  14. Captain Moroni

    what maks an SRB a SBR?

    ok I know a bbl under 16" but if the overall leanth is over 26" is it still an SBR? the reason I ask is that if you have a GSG-5p the pistol with the 8" bbl and put a fixed stock on it the OAL is 26.5" that is with out the flash hider so what is the deciding factor?
  15. C

    Finished my SBR!

    Hope it shoots as well as it looks!
  16. ROLEXrifleman

    Suppressors 9mm SBR ?

    1) with a 9" barrel will I need to down load the ammo si it doesnt get super sonic? 2) What loads are people using with a can? 3) Bolt ramping, absolutly goota have it or just cheap insurance? I'm going to be running a 9" TROS barrel
  17. S

    Gunsmithing AR-15 SBR build

    I'm in the process of building my first AR. I have a stripped lower and just purchased a Noveske 7.5" upper from a follow hider. I have also ordered a ACE ARFX-E stock with kit and lower parts kit from CMMG (not sure when I will be getting those). I have searched the internet and can't find any...
  18. Superjet06

    Photos RRA SBR

    Heres my newest build! Bushmaster upper: 11.5" HBAR, 1x7 twist RRA lower & stock, Stag LPK Aimpoint CompC3 2moa Tac 16 Suppressor
  19. Mr.Mildots

    Suppressors How long is your SBR taking?

    I sent in my Form 1 back in January. DOJ cashed the check within 2 weeks. Now it's been almost 4 months and nothing has come back. Anyone else in the same boat? I remember these usually took about 1 month and I know there's a lot more of us doing these with the current political climate, but 4...
  20. T

    SBR's... minor question

    alright i tried searching sbr's and all i got was a few sales, so i figured i would ask my question to the masses. here goes..... If I were to register a lower as an SBR, say an AR10 with a 10.5 inch barrel, would it be legal for me to swap uppers for a longer barrel like a 20 incher if i wanted...