1. sigyman

    155 scenars vs 175SMK's in a gas gun????

    who here has used these two bullets in their gas guns and what results are you getting with it? which do you prefer to shoot more? and what are your loads for both rounds??
  2. 03psd

    155's Scenars weights: I think I got hosed....

    Bought a 100 bullets from a member here sold as 155gr Lapua Scenars from the groupbuy. I wasnt in on the group buy but unless it was for seconds I think I got screwed. I finally got around to loading some up today and randomly weighed 10 and NONE were within .5gr of 155. All ranged from 154.0 to...
  3. 3

    Trying to find the thread on Lapua 155 Scenars

    I am trying to find the thread that questioned if the 155 Scenar really has a B.C. of .508. I tried to search for it without any luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. 3

    Who has Lapua 155 Scenars in stock?

    Does anyone know if anybody has Lapua 155 Scenars in stock other than Midway?
  5. Mag 300

    Wanted anyone wanting to dump some 300 gr Scenars?

    let me know if you do Thanks Bill
  6. Victor Co Heather

    155 grain Lapua Scenars actual weight???

    I just put 20 155 grain Lapua Scenar on my scales (one electronic/one manual) and found that they ranged in weight from 154.1 grains-154.5 grains. NOT ONE WAS 155 GRAINS FROM 5 DIFFERENT BOXES! Is this normal for Lapua? (my SMK almost always come out at the exact weight specified... the...
  7. Guns4570

    Lapua .223 77gr Scenars available....

    Hey Guys...seems I am getting stuck with 6k of these from a mistake during picking for the group buy. If any one wants 1-6 k of them PM me for price. Thanks.
  8. S

    Vihtavuori N540 - 26" 308 - 155 scenars

    Midway says they stopped making it? Anyone know? If so, whats a good powder for 308 in 26 inch barrel with 155 scenars? Thanks
  9. Johncalloway

    155 gr. scenars?

    Who has them right now? Also 308 laupa brass? Thanks again.
  10. rc2125

    Optimal powder for 20" barrel? 308 155gr scenars

    Gettin back into reloading. Got my feet wet in the past, but sold everything cuz ammo was cheaper than my time was worth to me. Anyhow, with the current predicament we are in, I ordered another press and am fixin to get all the other stuff I need in the following weeks. I got a 20" barrel on...
  11. btc624

    155 scenars / TRG

    Just got my rig together and dont own a chronograph and I'm trying to get an idea as to how many fps my trg will get using the 155 scenars along with either varget or rl 15. I went through the search option but didnt see any input from trg users. I'm going to try varget first. Anyone that can...
  12. P

    Lapua scenars & Berger VLDs

    Has anyone tried the Lapua 185g scenar in a 24in barrel 1 in 11 twist 308 at 600-1k ifso how did it compare for accuracy against the 155g Lapua scenar and the 185g berger VLD.
  13. Victor Co Heather

    155 Lapua Scenars out of 1:10 twist?

    Hey gents- I'm fairly new to reloading and have been working primarily with .308 175 SMKs out of my 22" Broughton 1:12 twist bolt gun. I've been working up a load for my Remy with a 20" 1:10 twist and was wondering how if 155 Scenars would work? Is it worth doing for that quick of a twist...
  14. USMCj

    Grafs has .308 Lapua 155gr Scenars in stock!

    like the title says, order away.
  15. D

    250 scenars bullets from Powder valley?

    Anyone here has recently received shipment of the 250 scenar bullets from Powder Valley? Was told that it should be avail. in late January. Thanks for your help.
  16. jhedg

    Range Report Scenars [email protected] 3200fps in a 308/RESULTS

    Anyone getting this type of speed, or is my chrono whacked? Shooting a 26" GAP 46.5gr of Varget. just slight marks from the ejector, but no signs. 15 round recorded, and all a little above 3200fps not much deviation in FPS, next is to try it at diffrent ranges.

    155 Scenars in a 300WM

    Is anybody doing it? If so what's your load? What speed are you running and what is the optimum speed for the 155 Scenar?
  18. CST

    155gr. Scenars andRE15

    It seems the general consensus is that 4895 or Varget is good powder of choice for the 155gr. scenars... I have a boat load of RE15....anyone try it with win brass?? Not so sure how it shoots with lighter bullets..